Monday, December 13, 2010

Money Saver Monday!! Pack those personal items and save more money

Happy Monday Guru readers!! I truly hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

With holiday shopping in full swing many of us are thinking about great ways we can save money for our 2011 trip(s).  By planning well ahead of time you can save yourself a TON of money. With the rising costs of air fare and luggage, many people decide to purchase their personal care items from their Walt Disney World Resort. Sure you can purchase those items from your Walt Disney World Resort, but be prepared to pay top dollar for those items. 

Here are a few items you will want to have with you to avoid paying a ridiculous amount of money at your resort:

Disposable Cameras
Camera Memory Card
Lotion(They no longer supply this in your resort room)
Over the counter medications
As a reminder, you cannot purchase gum anywhere on Walt Disney World property.

Then of course you always want to be prepared for things that you do not plan on. Let's face it, when you visit Florida for at least a week, especially in the summer months, plan on rain. With rain comes the need for ponchos. Sure, you can purchase those ponchos at Walt Disney World, for the hefty price of $10 per poncho. Now I don't know about you folks, but I do not want to fork over $50 on vacation for rain ponchos.  For about $4 you can purchase the same quality rain poncho from Wal-Mart or Target. 

 A must do for all of you summer month travelers, a personal fan mister. Any time we visit Walt Disney World during the summer months we are sure to bring the misters with us.  The downfall is not only do you need it, but Disney knows that. Be prepared to pay about $19 per mister....yikes!! The great news is, Wal-Mart sells the exact same misters, minus the Disney logo, for only $!!! Be sure you have enough batteries to power each fan throughout your stay. Another bonus is your little ones will love the mister so much that they won’t even ask for a souvenir (well at least not for a little while). 

Planning ahead for your Disney trip is not only fun, but it is a great way to save some extra money at the same time. Share your great money saving tips by commenting on this post, or visiting our Facebook page...I would just love to hear from you!!! :0)

See ya real soon!

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