Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney Pin Codes.Are They a Delicacy?

Money Saver Monday!!

Disney pin code offers are somewhat of a delicacy in the Disney travel community. You will hear of people that get pin code offers yearly and sometimes multiple times per year to people that never receive them at all. Every Disney discussion board you go on has questions about how to receive a pin code. While in all honesty only Disney knows. There are a few things that you can do to increase the likelihood that you will receive a pin code offer. Before we go over those lets talk about what a pin code is.

What is a pin code? 
Over the past several years Disney has sent out a ton of discounts to potential travelers in the form of mail or email offers. These mailings offer a steep discount on Walt Disney World travel.  The discounts can be for virtually anything that Disney wants to offer from free dining, to discounted room rates, to kids stay and play for free. There are usually date restrictions and the offer is tiered by resort category. When and if you receive a pin code offer it may only be used by the person that it is addressed to, another words it is nontransferable. 

How do I get one? 
There truly is no science to knowing why Disney sends them to some travelers and not to others. What I can tell you is that there are ways to make sure you are on Disney's mailing list which will increase the chances of you getting included in the mass mailing of pin codes. :0)

  • Visit and create a profile. When you do this you will be asked what free newsletters and publications you would like to sign up for, I checked all of them. 
  • If you already have a profile at then go there and update it. 
  • If you have multiple email addresses you can create extra profiles on For example, both my husband and myself have profiles and both of us receive pin codes. 
  • Price out a "mock" Disney vacation when signed in under your profile. If asked why you did not book, just mention that there were no good deals.
  • Request a Disney planning DVD, one time we actually received an offer with the DVD. 
  • Create custom maps on . 
  • Sign up for a Disney Visa card(sometimes there are even special offers for Visa card holders)
  • Be sure to sign up for all of the Disney sweepstakes and offers.  
  • Check your SPAM folder to see if there are any offers in there. (This has happened quite a bit)
  • Call your Disney travel agent to see if there are any offers in attached to your name and address. In 2009 we had a trip booked and were on a 20% off pin code offer. I called Disney and to my great surprise there was an offer for free dining attached to my name and address. They said that it was emailed to me...I never received it, but the offer was applied to my reservation and we saved a bundle for our family of 5. If you get a representative that does not want to check for you, hang up and call back. There are representatives that will check for you. 
I am sure that there are a ton of other ways to receive pin code offers...I would love to hear what you have done to get these great offers. Comment below or share on our Facebook page

Check back next week for Money Saver Monday as I will share with you some little secrets to using your pin code once you get one. :0)

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Friday, February 25, 2011

We have a winner!!!

DawnMaree Welch you are the winner of this week's $10 Disney gift card!! Congratulations!!!! Please email me your mailing information and I will send it out today. 

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pizzafari: A Colorful Place to Dine 

Dining Style: Counter Service
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Location: Discovery Island: Animal Kingdom 

The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at this location. 

While the name Pizzafari firmly suggests that this location only carries pizza think again. Pizzafari is a great location nestled in Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom. From the vivid murals and floor mosaics the feel you have when dining in this wonderful counter service location is clean and relaxed. To keep with the theme of the name Pizzafari, the restaurant is brightly decorated with bright safari like colors. Make sure you check out each of the dining rooms at this establishment as they each have a different theme; Home Room, Nocturnal Room, Upside down Room, Camouflage Room,  Four Seasons Room & Bug Room. Look around while you are eating, like all things Disney the surrounding decorations have a purpose. 

Both pictures are from Photobucket via Google Images

Pizzafari not only carries pizzas but also offers some wonderful sandwich and salad options. The pizza is very similar to that of Toy Story Pizza Planet but Pizzafari throws in some scrumptious breadsticks topped with cheese and a side of marinara...yummy!! If you love marinara and would love to dip your pizza in it, not problem, just ask for a side at no charge.  The sandwich offerings are delicious and do not taste like they belong at any counter service location. My husband ordered the Hot Italian style sandwich and said it was full of great Italian cold cuts and cheeses. While he normally would veer away from a sandwich in fear that it would not fill him up he gave it a whirl and said that the Hot Italian sandwich is a must do for him from now on. I ordered the vegetable pizza that came with the breadsticks and as can be expected it was the same as the pizzas at Toy Story Pizza Planet, but I can say that I always enjoy the pizza there. I like to take a ranch packet and dip my pizza in it...yummy!! I have not had it but I have heard that Pizzafari makes a "mean" which means good, Caesar salad.  Your little ones get a pick of either mac and cheese or a cheese pizza. 

What was your experience at Pizzafari?  

*This location does serve breakfast but I have not had it so I am unable to review it. 

Visit to view the entire menu. 

 See ya real soon!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Friday, February 18, 2011

We have a winner!!!

I would like to congratulate Kathy Chamlee, she is the winner of this week's $10 Disney gift card!! 

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Win a Free Disney Gift Card!!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Columbia Harbour House: A Review

Photo from

Dining Style:Quick Service
Meals:Lunch & Dinner 
Location: Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square

Disney Dining Plan is accepted

Columbia Harbour House offers Disney counter service at its best. When you are looking for a counter service location that offers something other than hamburgers, swing on over to Columbia Harbour House. Located in Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, Columbia Harbour House is designed to give you the feel that you have stepped back in to the Colonial period. The menu features fish and chips, chowder, chicken and sandwiches. 

The decor is true to the Colonial time period with dark wood and heavy wooden tables and chairs and nautical decorations scattered about. There is plenty of seating in this location. Take note of the seating upstairs, this is where my family and I love to dine. Be sure to get a window seat as you can watch everything that is going on in Liberty Square as you dine. 

Photo from

Some of this restaurant's special features are the sweet or unsweetened ice tea, freshly brewed. There is nothing like it after a hot day in the parks. You may also want to order the New England clam chowder for $4.49 at this location as I hear it is exactly the same as the one offered at Liberty Tree Tavern for $ 6.99!!

Quick Tips....
1.     If you plan to eat there for lunch I would recommend arriving at about 11:15 to avoid the lengthy lunch lines. 
2.     Eating upstairs will provide a more peaceful eating the way there is a condiment bar upstairs as well. :0)

Columbia Harbour House offers a wonderful dining ambiance with some unique counter service offerings that are hard to come by anywhere else. This is a must do on every Disney trip for my family. 

What is your favorite thing to order when you dine at Columbia Harbour House?

Visit to view the menu.

See ya real soon!! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win a Free Disney Gift Card!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walt Disney World Railroad

New on Disney Guru is attraction day Tuesday!!! Every Tuesday we will discuss a different attraction that lies within Walt Disney World. I am very excited to learn and to teach all about the wonderful attractions throughout the "World".

First Stop.... Walt Disney World Railroad

This classic attraction takes you on a 20-minute scenic tour around Magic Kingdom Park. While this attraction gives no thrills it is sure to please anyone that loves trains, covering from the heat on a hot day, and some rest and relaxation while still enjoying Disney's Magic Kingdom Park. Walt Disney World Railroad consists of 4 antique steam-powered engines that makes stops at Main Street, USA and Frontierland. via Google Images 

The Trains...

There are 4 cars all pulled by an authentic steam-powered locomotive. Each car has been carefully restored to it's original look. The cars all have names Lilly Belle, Roy O. Disney, Roger E. Broggie, and Walter E. Disney.  These cars have a long history that dates back to the turn of the 20th century. In 1969 the cars were discovered by Disney employees and taken to Walt Disney World Resort where they were fully restored and ready for opening day on October 1, 1971. Because Walt Disney himself had a love for trains this attraction is considered a Disney classic.

What will you see?

It is actually rather funny but you do not see too much of the park while on this 20-minute attraction. You will get a peek at Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain as you travel through Frontierland but most of the ride takes you through heavy forests. You will pass through an Indian village which includes some wildlife figures and Indian camps.   After you pass through what was Toon Town, you will also get a quick view of Tomorrowland Indy Speedway.

View of Bay Lake Towers from the train
Fun Facts....

  1. You may notice that some trees past the Indian village have charred trunks, this is from falling Wishes fireworks. 
  2. Every few hours each engine gets a quick service from the "pit crew."
  3.  There are 4 sets of passenger cars: red, yellow,green and blue. 
  4.  The green passenger cars are called "show train" cars and only appear during the park's opening ceremony (rope drop). The green car is missing the left side safety rails in order to allow the performers to exit the left of the train. 
  5. The trains reach speeds of 10 to 12 miles per hour. 
  6. The train sits idle during parades, thunderstorms and fireworks. 
  7. If you would like the best view sit on the right.
Having fun on the train!!

See ya real soon!! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Pictures=Priceless

Money Saver Monday!!!

I think we can all agree that when we visit Walt Disney World we travel with all sorts of electronics one of them being a camera. I am always ready to capture a magical moment while wandering around the parks. I have always wondered what it would be like to be able to pose for pictures up and down an empty Main Street USA. How could I ever have the opportunity to take photos of the castle and Main Street....empty??

The secret lies in making an early morning breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace. You can arrive at Magic Kingdom about 8:30 AM and be whisked through the crowds to gain early entry into the parks. (you are able to do this when you have a breakfast reservation) Not only will you be amongst the few people on Main Street USA but your pictures will be priceless....this is quite an amazing site to see....a quiet Main Street USA. Word on the street is that occasionally, Mickey and Minnie are posing for pictures in front of the castle. :0)

Photo from Flikr via Google Images

Between a character breakfast, beautiful pictures and a possible sighting of Mickey and Minnie, you are sure to have the most magical start to your day...oh yeah and some beautiful pictures.  While this is not really a money saver it does allow you to get more bang for your buck...which I love!!

See ya real soon!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Farewell Toon Town!!

Now it's time to say good-bye to all our company..... 

When I first learned about the Mickey's Toon Town closure, I was not too upset about it. In fact, I was excited about new things to come. It was not until recently that I decided to look back at my photo history with Toon Town and realized that I have quite a history with that area of the park and I am a bit sad to see it go. As many of you have, I have taken my three kids there for a first time and watched them in awe as they explored through the most whimsical place in all of Walt Disney World. All three of my kids rode their very first roller coaster in Toon Town, my boys got their first kiss from Tink there, and all three of my kids met Mickey for the very first time in Toon Town. In fact, one of my fondest memories at Walt Disney World was when I took my first child, Lexis to Disney. She was only 3 and went on and on about meeting Mickey. I will never in my life forget the way she ran into the room at the Judge's Tent...that moment in time is priceless. 

So to you Toon Town, I bid you farewell. You will be missed greatly by many Walt Disney World fans. While we will never forget you, you will always be in our memory.  As an avid Disney fan, I look forward to new beginnings. 

Enjoy a look into my Toon Town history. 

Lexis back in 2000...first time meeting Mickey!!

Lucas got a kiss from Tink!!

M-I-C, (See ya real soon) K-E-Y, (Why? Because we like you!) M-O-U-S-E


What is your fondest memory of Mickey's Toon Town Fair?

See ya real soon!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coral Reef, A Unique Dining Experience

Photo from Google Images via Flikr 
Coral Reef

Location: The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion, Epcot
Cusine: Seafood 

Lunch & Dinner
Expereince: Dining Event

Disney Dining Plan accepted

Tucked away in the Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, lies a romantic restaurant where you can dine in one of the most unique atmospheres on Walt Disney World property. From dim lighting to the 8 foot tall aquariums, your unique dining experience begins from the moment you step foot in Epcot's Coral Reef restaurant.

The Ambiance....

Tranquil shades of blue and green greet you when you enter the Coral Reef. The dining theme is "under the sea" as you dine with Nemo & Friends in front of 8 foot high windows which offer stunning views of the Living Seas.  The seating is tiered to allow all patrons to view the aquarium equally. So sit back relax and enjoy your unique dining experience.

Photo from via Google Images 

The Eats....

Before your food arrives your server will bring out warm rolls and whipped butter. We always ask for seconds on the is oh so yummy!!! While my family takes full advantage of the Disney Dining Plan this means that we do not order anything that would veer from the plan, that is unless we are eating at Coral Reef. We just LOVE the Lobster Cream soup!! In my opinion it is a must do on every Disney trip!! On our most recent trip to WDW, my 6 year old son shared with the waiter how much he loves the soup and that he has waited all year to have it. So when the waiter returned with Logan's cup of soup, attached to the bowl was the recipe, you have to love the pixie dust!!!

Some recommendations from my family and I:

Roasted Scottish Salmon - with Russian fingerling potatoes and wilted spinach, in a Dijon cream with black mustard seed.

Mushroom Phyllo Crisp - roasted mushrooms, wilted Arugula, aged cheeses, rustic tomato ragout.

Grilled New York Strip Steak - served with horseradish smashed potatoes, and market fresh vegetables.

If you are traveling with little ones they will enjoy a choice of chicken, macaroni or fish of the day. My middle son enjoyed the Mahi Mahi. The meal would not be complete without an ice cream sundae…yummy!!!

Would you like a sweet treat?

The best part of dinner at Disney is always the dessert! Coral Reef has some decadent dessert options that are sure to please just about anyone. 

Baileys and Jack Daniel's Mousse - topped with a ganache and chocolate cigar.

One of the most famous desserts on WDW property is.....

The Chocolate Wave- A warm dark cake with a white chocolate grand marnier center with chocolate gnache and white chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Wave Photo from Google Images 

While many reviews of Coral Reef are mixed I do have to say that each and every time I personally have dinned there, we have had a wonderful experience.  While in all honesty I would not put the food up there at a 10, I would say the food deserves a solid 7. As for Disney experience and service a 9.  

Don't forget to enter our contest to win a free $10 Disney Gift Card. 

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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A special congratulations to Tammy L. from Illinois as she won on 2/4/11!!!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Savings on park tickets

Tuesday's Top Ten Ways to Save on Park Tickets....

Busy season for travel to Walt Disney World is quickly approaching. With that comes the busy season to look for a deal!! What many people may not know is that not only can you get a deal on food, or your room but there are ways to save money on tickets into the park.   Enjoy reading the top ten ways you can save money on Walt Disney World park tickets. 

In no particular order:

1.  Do you work for a company that is a corporate sponsor with Disney? If so you may be entitled to a discount on park tickets. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Kodak are amongst the many sponsors that will give discounts. Check with your benefits office. Click here for an unofficial list of corporate sponsors. 

2. Orlando fun tickets sell discounted park passes. The savings on multiple day tickets can be well worth checking into. Visit or call 866-225-4712 for details. 

3. Purchasing week-long tickets can save you money. The more days you play the more money you save. For example, the difference between a 3 day and a 7 day base ticket is $15. 

4. Visiting frequently before or during your booking period can save you money on park tickets. Disney is always offering a deal, currently they are offering a deal where kids can stay and play free. This can save parents a huge amount of money especially if they have more than one child. 

5. Do you have any old Disney World park tickets lying around? If so, you may be able to use any unused days for admission or as credits towards new passes. Bring them into any theme park or Downtown Disney Guest Relations office. 

6.  Are you a convention attendee? If you are traveling with a convention, you and your family may be able to take advantage of discounted park tickets. There are sometimes restrictions on these tickets. 

7. The Undercover Tourist is an awesome resource and ticket broker for anyone that is looking to save money on their park tickets. This ticket broker comes very highly recommended from the best of the best in Disney travel and blog sites. 

8. Both AAA and CAA(Canada) offer discounted parks tickets. The length of the tickets is usually between 3-7 day park passes. 

9. Military Salute Special Ticket Offer is good from 10/24/10-9/28/11. This offer allows any military official to purchase up to 6 discounted 4-day park hoppers or water park fun & more tickets for $138 per ticket. Upgrades are available for an extra charge. Visit for further details. 

10. If you are driving or you have a car while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort you may want to check out the Kissimmee Wal-Mart for discounted tickets. They have a ticket center located right in the store, but they do not carry every type of ticket option. It is highly recommended that you call before you go to see what they have available. 

Address to the store:
4444 W. Vine in Kissimmee
(407) 397-0090 or (800) 669-0913

A special thanks to for this great tip!!! 

See ya real soon!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Upgrade at Pizza Planet!

Money Saver Monday!!!

Picture from Google Images

I have decided to share something with you from my most recent trip to Disney World. One day we decided to use our counter service credit at Toy Story Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you could imagine, the menu is made up of almost all pizza. Adults get a personalized sized pizza, a salad a drink and a choice of a cookie or Mickey Crisped Rice treat for dessert. Per the menu kids can get cheese pizza, grapes, applesauce and a choice of milk, or juice.  

Our middle child Logan likes pepperoni pizza the cheese option was not going to cut it. So we asked if he could have the pepperoni instead. The cast member(CM) that helped us gladly rang us up for the pepperoni with no problem and no extra charge. On a side note, my youngest son Lucas ordered a kids meal with the regular cheese option. When we got up to the counter to pick up our food, Logan's pizza was an adult size portion and so was Lucas'. I showed the CM behind the food counter my receipt and let her know that those are supposed to be kid's meals. The CM told me that when a child asks for a topping on his/her pizza, it is upgraded to the larger size because they do not have the child size in anything but cheese. In addition, when one child in the party upgrades all children in that party get upgraded to make it fair. 

An example of an adult sized meal.

Now maybe I am easy to please but WOW!!! Again, Disney NEVER disappoints. The things that they think of in advance to remedy problems before they happen truly does make Walt Disney World the most magical place on earth! I am fully convinced that Walt would be proud. :0)

Last, this made it to Money Saver Monday because this is such a value and I would imagine that some children would like to have some sort of a topping on their pizza. What a great value especially if you are dealing with an older child that has yet to make it to the adult portion on the meal plan yet. What a great way to get more bang for your buck!!

See ya real soon!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oktoberfest is Year Round at Biergarten

Photo from via google images

Germany Pavilion, Epcot World Showcase

Location: Germany Pavilion
Cusine: German

Lunch & Dinner 
Experience: Special & Unique Dining
Price: $15-$35.99

Disney Dining Plan accepted 

Dine, dance, drink and be entertained at Biergarten, where it is always Oktoberfest!!! Enjoy traditional German dishes, complimented by German wine, beer and a live performance by an oompah band.

Biergarten offers lunch and dinner buffets. Diners will enjoy their meal at large shared tables that seat 8. In between getting to know other table guests and eating, diners will also enjoy traditional tunes played by the oompah band. Tunes such as Edelweiss and the Bird Dance are designed to get the crowd brewing with participation. Families are encouraged to hit the dance floor and dance the polka!!!

Before hitting the buffet adults should check out the beverage menu as it is fully stocked with German beer and wine. I took advantage of trying a light beer flight…it was super yummy and allowed me to try 4 German beers.

There is a cold section of the buffet which includes cold meats and cheeses. The traditional German eats that you can expect to taste are German bread such as pretzel bread, steaming hot plates of  meatballs, pork, salmon fillet with a light dill sauce, bratwurst, and an accompanying condiment bar with hot mustard, sweet mustard, relish, chutney, catsup, curry catsup.  Pork shank gratin that was bits of pork shank mixed with light sauerkraut, and topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.  At another hot station were glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, pork schnitzel with hunter sauce, and a carving station with sliced roast pork and meatloaf.    I recommend trying the potato leek soup, this is by far one of the best soups I have had on WDW property!! Yummy!! Another item we fell in love with were the potato dumplings with bread crumb butter…oh my just delicious!! I love the challenge of bringing children to a place where they can sample new foods. My kids LOVED this food!!

Photo From via google images

While you are eating the oopah band is sure to rock the house with their traditional German sounds. From the minute they started playing to the end all three of my kids were fully engaged in this show. (Kids ages are 2,6 & 13)

Photo from via google images

The dessert is always my favorite part of eating at WDW!  Items such as Bavarian cheesecake, Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce, fruit salad, a Black Forest cake roll, vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles, and cookies. I am going to have to say that the Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce was my personal favorite!!!

While I have only eaten at Biergarten once, I am going to have to add it to my must-do list for every trip to WDW! I love the fact that we get a dinner show with our meal, my kids are exposed to new foods and cultures and for those on the dining plan, it will only cost you one dinner credit. I am going to rate Biergarten a 9!!

Have you entered in our contest to win a free $10 Disney gift card? Click here for details. 

See ya real soon!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giveaways!! Free $10 Disney Gift Card

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Most romantic things for Valentine's Day at WDW!!!

Tuesday's Top Ten

We have officially entered the month of love. If you are planning to visit Walt Disney World over Valentine’s Day you may want to have something romantic planned for that special someone. Believe it or not there are a ton of romantic things you can do at Walt Disney World. Some may require more planning then others.

My top ten list of romantic things you can do at Walt Disney World:

10. Flowers-Did you know that there is a Walt Disney World Florist? They are just amazing and can prepare custom gift baskets and flowers for any occasion, including Valentine's Day. Call (407) 827-3505 or visit them online at

9. Take an evening walk along the beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort and watch wishes for a free yet completely romantic evening.

8. While you are at World Showcase at Epcot, check out the wine selection at each country or even at your resort gift shop. Then pick up some great chocolates from France and you are all set for a quiet, romantic evening in your resort room. (be sure you are able to open the bottle of wine)

7.  Dine at the very romantic San Angel Inn at Epcot's Mexico pavilion.

6. Surprise that special someone with a spa treatment. Click here for details on the spectacular spa services offered on Walt Disney World property.

5. Even if you are not staying at Disney's Boardwalk Resort, spend some time acting like a kid again by playing carnival games. After some carnival fun, end the night with a Surrey Bike for two for just $20/half hour.

4. Make a reservation at Jiko, located at Animal Kingdom Lodge you will be in for a real treat!! After your dinner take a walk out on the animal viewing area for a peaceful yet romantic view of the animals.

3. Splurge on that once in a lifetime meal at Victoria and Alberts....a meal you and your Valentine will never forget.

2. Take your sweetheart on a romantic carriage ride!!! Visit Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground for a once in a lifetime opportunity of Disney romance. You will take an 30 minute ride in an old fashioned horse-drawn carriage ride.  Click here for pricing and information. 

1. The most romantic thing you can do at Disney World is to enjoy a specialty cruise and watch fireworks!! While this option is not cheap, it will be something that your sweetheart will never forget. Click here for cruise options and pricing. 

Have you ever spent time at Disney World for Valentine's Day? What did you do? 

We are looking for more fans on our Facebook Page. We would be honor if you became a fan!! Plus starting Wednesday we will be holding some fun contest on our page. Are you ready to win some gift cards??? :0)

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