Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Guru Gets a Transformation

As my followers know, I am a brand new blogger. I have a passion for Disney that stretches as far as you could imagine. I have a vision for this site that is unimaginable!! How amazing is it when someone finds their nitch and can make it successful?

I have decided to make this site a place that I would want to go as an avid Disney fan. You are going to begin to see a major transformation in this blog. I was talking to a friend yesterday; we were giving each other tips and info about our next travels to Disney. I gave her a tip and she said, "Now that is what you need to have on your site!"

I spent the night researching successful bloggers and have come to the conclusion that I need a format. I have so much useful information for Disney travelers and I am ready to share!

What I plan to do is have a daily format...i.e....

Money saver Monday

Travel Tip Tuesday

What I need from you are ideas about what you want to know from me. I will transform your ideas into a highly informative blog.

I am looking forward to the future of Disney Guru. :0)

See you real soon!

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