Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rumor Thursday!!!

Is Fantasy Land East really going to be "Dumbo Circus" themed?

Rumors are abuzz that the Fantasy Land Expansion is going to be Dumbo themed. Hmmmmm.....not so sure how I feel about that!

My source states that, Fantasy Land East is going to be almost entirely "Dumbo Circus" themed. The attraction, formerly known as Barnstormer, will likely be rethemed with clowns, the train station will also be rethemed. There will be a Casey Jr. food stand, and a fairly major merchandise location.

The tents we are all used to seeing will most likely be gone because they are worn, but will be replaced with new ones.

My source also says, Pixie Hollow ( in its earliest concept form) is dead.

How about that Fantasy Land West Expansion?

Rumor has it that Mermaid and the Beauty and the Beast areas are proceeding as planned. The Cinderella and Aurora complex is dead. The space that was going to originally house them will now be Snow White/Dwarf coaster/mine car ride.

Snow White's Scary Adventure will be closed and will make room for the princesses. This may be a temporary move though.

As far as Tink & Pixies....nobody knows.

How do you feel about all of the changes going on in the world?


  1. I am a little disapointed about the Dumbo themed area in Fantasyland. I think that many of the children attending Disney now probably do not have a very strong connection to Dumbo, if they even know who he is at all. If they wanted a more gender neutral area instead of the Pixies they should have come up with a more relateable character area. I am not in favor of being rid of the classics, but I think that an entire area devoted to them seems a little crazy. I am also sad about that not all of the princesses will have their own areas, I think it would have been really neat to visit them all somewhere that was their own.

  2. I agree with you!! It also would have been nice to have seen something that young boys can relate to...don't get me son loves the princesses. What about Captain Jack???? I am sooooo not liking the Dumbo theme at all!

  3. I so agree. They are sitting on a "Pixar" goldmine over in disney and they are not using it at all. Put in some toy story areas or monsters inc. What about a Pixar themed character dining experience, if they did it right they could probably charge 2 dining credits like they do the princesses becuase it would be huge!! Coming from a mom of 3 girls, I would still love to see more pixar things. They would LOVE it.