Thursday, November 4, 2010

Decorate Your Room for the Holidays

The holiday season at Walt Disney World is for many the most magical time of year to visit. From dancing lights to beautifully decorated trees, like everything else at Walt Disney World, the holidays are celebrated top notch. Not one corner of the resort is untouched....unless of course you decide not to decorate your resort room???

My family and I decided to decorate our room at Pop Century this year and man did we have fun!! We strung pumpkin lights, stuck window clings, and displayed all of our towel creatures on the ledge in our windows. I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous to put up all of my decorations in fear that I would look corny....but actually people had way more than I had. It was really neat to walk around the resort and see all of the personal touches that people brought with them from home. Going to Disney World is like going home....why not make your space feel more cozy and complete.

For the holiday season why not do it up big?? You can even be thrifty about it....bring what you have from home or visit your local dollar store.  Window clings, a stream of lights, and maybe even a small table top Christmas tree would make you feel like you are home for the holidays.

If you are so inclined, you can arrange for tree delivery to your resort room from the Disney Florist, they have beautiful predesigned and custom trees. If you decide to order from the Disney Florist be prepared to spend some big money for a tree, as they are very expensive.

Do you visit Walt Disney World for the holiday season? I would love to hear about how you decorate your room for the holidays. If you are visiting Walt Disney World soon, I would love it if you would take some pictures of decorated resort windows...I will post them and be sure to give you credit for the pictures.

Check out some pictures of windows below:

See ya real soon!!!


  1. We went for Christmas Day a few years ago. We drove, so we were able to bring a small, 4 ft. tree I picked up for $9.99. We stayed at Pop Century too. If I did it again, I would bring stuff for the window. It was fun looking at all the windows decorated.

  2. I love that idea about buying a tree!!! Thanks for sharing!! :0)