Monday, November 15, 2010

Money Saver Monday!!!

Happy Monday Guru Readers!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Eating at Walt Disney World can be a very expensive activity. I have a great money saver for you when eating on Walt Disney World property. Next time you eat at a counter service restaurant, order one double cheeseburger combo meal. (Includes a drink, fries and the burger) Ask the cast member for an extra bun...they will give you one so do not be shy(there is a fee). Then split the burger to make it two!! I just love doing this I feel so thrifty!! You can share the fries and the drink and you have two meals with one low cost. If you have children with you this is a great way to have them share a meal and keep costs down.  Another great thing  about this is that many of the counter service locations have a condiment bar, so you can each go and create a fully loaded burger to your liking...all for the cost of one.

* The bun at some locations has gone up in price...ask for the price before paying to determine if it is worth it.

I would love to chat me or comment below with your questions, suggestions or thoughts.

See ya real soon!

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