Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten Best & Worst Times to Visit......

After reading yesterday's post, we all know that there are ways to visit Disney and save some money. But we also know that planning a Disney World vacation has many factors...some are money related and some are crowd related. Let's talk about the best and worst times to visit Walt Disney World. Between you and me I hardly believe that there is ever a bad time to visit but for the sake of information...here we go!!!!

In no particular order.....

The most magical times to go to Walt Disney World are:

1.The second week of January through mid-February- While the weather can throw you for a loop(depending on where you reside) this is by far one of the least busy times of year and you may even score a hotel deal. Be sure to keep in mind that there are several holiday weekends throughout January and February which can cause a slight increase in price and cause the crowds to go up but overall this is a great time to visit.

Con: Due to low crowds you may encounter more ride refurbishments.

2. First three weeks of May-This is a really great month for weather, crowds, and fair hotel prices.

Cons: Stay away from Memorial Day weekend. This year Easter Sunday is late; this can cause some late spring break crowds.

3.Late August through September- Expect very hot weather and possible hurricane action but the very best deal of the year happens at this time of year...FREE DINING!!! Crowds can be very low during this time...you can even sneak in the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party mid-September.

Cons: At times the crowds can pick up do to free dining. The heat can cause you to take more breaks than normal.

4. Mid-November through mid December (not the week of Thanksgiving)-The weather can be cool but comfortable...normally the humidity has subsided by this time of year. Christmas decorations are up and ready as well as the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Cons: Crowds can pick up on the weekend as many will take weekend trips to Disney to enjoy the festivities.

5. The Time you choose to go!!! Whenever your family decides to go will be the most magical time to visit Walt Disney World!!! :0)

The worst times to visit Walt Disney World:

6. Mid February through mid April (this depends on Easter) - Especially during holiday weekends like President's Day and Easter. You can expect HUGE crowds with some major lines for all attractions. You will also get slammed with higher rates for airfare and lodging.

On the plus side: Weather is gorgeous and your children may not need to be pulled out of school, if you choose to go over spring break.

7. Mid Summer (June through early August)-Very crowded and extreme heat can make this time of year for some unbearable. If you go at this time of year you will want to have a plan of attack in motion, hit the parks as early as possible to allow for afternoon breaks when then heat is at it's all time high.

On the plus side: Again children are out of school and you can take advantage of those late night park hours. I just love those late nights at Walt Disney World!!!

8. December 26-31-This is by far the most expensive time of year to travel to Walt Disney World. You can expect to see crowds get worse by the day starting from about 12/20 through the end of the year.

On the plus side: You will see Walt Disney World at its best!! December is by far, the most magical time of year to travel.

9. Holiday Weekends- Some busy holiday weekends include, Thanksgiving, and any other national holiday with a three day weekend.

10. Never a bad time!!! I know I am writing a post about the best and worst times to visit...all of the information is just that...information. Whenever you choose to visit will be magical. Use the information above to help guide you and your family to making the best choice for you. :0)

See ya real soon!

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