Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten Ways to Save Money For your Walt Disney World Vacation

Saving for a Walt Disney World Vacation can be quite a task.  When confronted with the total cost of the trip no worries...take a look at some of the ways that many families save money for their Walt Disney World vacations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: When you book your trip, you are only required to make a $200 deposit to hold your trip. What we do from there is divide the total by however many months are left until the final payment is due and viola the trip is paid in full!!!

1. Sell your old stuff on ebay
Open an ebay account and begin to sell, sell, sell!! The money will be deposited into your paypal account...allow it to accumulate in the account for a nice lump sum payment at the end of your trip. We usually use that money as our spending money for our trip. Some items I have sold that have been raking in the dough for us are; baby clothes, books, shoes, coats, & costumes just to name a few.

2. Vacation Fund
Open a separate bank account that is not tied to any of your accounts that you use. In addition, it may not be a bad idea to skip the debit card for that account. Doing this allows you to save but not touch the money in that account.  Many people say that they can very easily do this at their local credit union.

3. Garage Sale
I live in an area of the US where the weather is too cold to host garage sales year round. Once spring has arrived I am ready to start selling. You would be amazed at how quickly the earnings can add up. I make anywhere from $60-$200 per day.

4. Disney Gift Cards
As you save for your upcoming trip, why not load a Disney Gift Card with your savings. This makes for an excellent way to save for your trip! I LOVE this idea because you truly cannot touch this money for any other purpose but your Disney trip. Just be sure that the gift card you are loading can be used at the parks...I have heard that some of the cards have limited access on Disney property.

5. Disney Savings Jar
A good friend of mine creates a Disney savings jar every time she is planning a Disney vacation. A great way to involve the whole family in saving would be to have them help you create the jar. Make a deal to put all loose change and dollar bills into the jar at the end of each day. You would not believe how quick this fund will add up.

6.  Disney Visa Card
The Disney Visa card has some excellent perks for its card holders. This is a really great card for those that love Disney. Just like all things Disney related, the perks are endless!! One reader said that they pay many of their monthly expensed with their Disney card, pay it off at the end of the month and use the rewards toward their Disney trip. Visit Disney Rewards Visa for more information...I thought that it was neat to see that they also offer a debit card option.

7. Round Your Check Book Up
When you put an entry into your checkbook, round it up to the nearest dollar. For example, if you wrote a check for 11.49 put 12.00 into your check book.  This is a great way to have a small cushion in your account just in case if you make any errors, also you will be able to earn some interest on the extra money you have saved.

8. Cut One Frivolous Expense
We all love our morning latte, but let’s face it that extra $5 per day could amount to a nice chunk of change by the time you go on your next Disney vacation. If you do not think you can cut the expense entirely then give yourself treat days. I always allow myself that latte on Mondays and Fridays.

9. Ask for Gift Certificates
The holidays are right around the corner that means gift giving is in full swing. We always ask for Disney Gift Cards or airline certificates as a gift. This is an excellent addition into our Disney savings.

10. Get Your Family Involved
Kids love knowing that they have help contribute to their Disney trip. Get the kids involved in saving. This is a great skill for kids of all ages, they will be amazed at how saving every penny can really add up. You could even ask them if they have any ideas about making/saving some extra money.

Do you have a great money saving tip? Email me I would love to share your tips.

See ya real soon!

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