Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney World Rumors!!!

This is according to Screamscape, reporting on rumors from another site:
Huge rumors are abuzz about the Fantasyland phase 2 expansion. According to Amusement Insider, most of Phase 2 may have been tossed but as a result there are some new additions.
For the good news: Seems to be that there has been a rumor of a roller coaster for the Seven Dwarfs mine ride and rumor has it that it is 100% back on track. This ride will involve a layout with both an indoor and outdoor coaster sections. In addition, Goofy's Barnstormer may be able to keep it's name. This attraction may be given a very minor new theme, Goofy's performing an aerial circus act. This theme will go very well with the Double Dumbo ride that will be right next to Barnstormer.
For the bad news: If you are a Disney Princess lover get some tissue. It is rumored that Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella Meet & Greet attractions may have been tossed along with the entire Pixie Hollow concept. Last, it is rumored that Snow White's Scary Adventure will be closed down as of 2011. This will allow for a redesign plan for this entire area of the park.
Click here to read an older rumor post that touched on many of these rumors.

What are your thoughts about all of these changes? I would love to hear from you!!!! :0)
See you real soon!!!

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