Monday, October 4, 2010

Ship over those water bottles!!!

Happy Monday Guru readers! Hope that you had a fantastic weekend!

When my family and I visit Walt Disney World, we always spend so much money on water!!!! Even if you purchase one water per day for each person in your party, you could be spending upwards of $75 for the week...yikes!!!

All Disney hotels come with a fridge, with the exception of value resorts.(you can rent one for $12 per night) These refrigerators are small but perfect to hold water bottles. My suggestion to you is, to go to or, place an order for water. Have it shipped to your hotel and you will save a bundle on water!! We even purchase the drink mix-ins my kids love to choose their juice flavors for the day. This will keep the family off of pop and also keep them well hydrated, while at the same time being budget conscious for your wallet.  Be sure to include your reservation number and arrival date with your address if you try this.

Visit my post about shipping over a package to your hotel.

See you real soon!

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