Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harmony Barber Shop...a Memory that Lasts a Lifetime!!

Travel Tip Tuesday...

For many the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A holds memories of their child's first hair cut. Harmony Barber Shop is a place where you can go to get that old fashioned barber shop hair cut. No matter what your age you are sure to leave feeling like you have just stepped out of a time machine.   When you walk in you will not see a ton of space or chairs. Just a few chairs and a few barbers tending to their clients. Not only do they offer a great cut but wonderful conversation. Disney was sure to add that extra special magic in this barber shop.

Let's talk about their specialties......

First haircuts!! I will never forget the day I took my son for his first hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop. There is nothing more magical than for a die hard Disney fan to be able to say that their child got their first hair cut on Main Street U.S.A. in Walt Disney World!!!  These barbers have a way with kids, from their capes to their stickers, to the magic pixie dust they sprinkle on the hair....your child is sure to feel great when they leave the chair.  Children that receive their first hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop get some grand surprises....pixie dust, Mickey Ears that say, "my first haircut",  a certificate and bubbles.  Oh yeah and feel free to take as many pics as you would like!!!

Hours:  9-5 Seven Days a Week


Adults $19
Children 12 & Under $15
Colored Hair Gel $5
Beard & Mustache Trim $10
First Haircuts $18

See you real soon!!!!

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