Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tusday's Top Ten Disney Blogs......

I began Disney Guru to share my passion for Walt Disney World with you. I have always loved sharing information with other Disney fans, or newbies to Walt Disney World travel. I look at my blog as a way to connect with others and a way to express my passion.

In order for me to begin this blog I needed to get to know some other Disney bloggers out there. Boy oh boy are there a ton!! I have my select few that I enjoy following from day to day. These blogs have helped to shape Disney Guru to what it is now and to what it may become.  I thank you to all of those bloggers that have helped me become a better blogger. But please know I am still learning....and will be for a while.

The following blogs are in no particular order.

1.My Disney Blog

You are just going to LOVE Disney Dean's He is a very unbiased Disney blogger that has a true appreciation for all things Disney.  You can expect to follow his passion while you read his blog. I would also like to mention that he is a kind person that helped answer many questions I had.

2.The Affordable Mouse

Are you looking for the best but lowest cost way to get to Walt Disney World? You have to visit The Affordable Mouse. This is a great site that posts daily....not only is this blog a money saving blog but it includes that Walt Disney World passion that I am always on the hunt for. You can expect to be exposed to various writers and many money saving tips.

3.  Disney 4 Dads

This site is a touching viewpoint on Walt Disney World as a father. Weekly posts are sure to bring a tear to your eye.  Not only is this site touching but it offers an array wonderful Disney travel based information for any of the Disney destinations. I would highly recommend visiting this blog weekly to get your Disney fix.

4. Disney Food Blog

I know that I have mention before that much of the planning for my Walt Disney World trips includes hours of conversations and research about food. My family and I look at Disney dining as an attraction at Walt Disney World.  If you are planning a Walt Disney World trip visiting this site is a must! Be ready to get hungry as there are a plethora of pictures of many of your Walt Disney World favorite foods. You can expect to be exposed to the Disney favorites as well as Disney hidden gems.

5.  A World View

This site is a potpourri of information strictly related to Walt Disney World. You can find information on Disney discounts, trip contests, planning tools for your trip and much more. In addition, this site offers weekly posts that are geared around current events at the parks.

6. The Disney Driven Life

This is an amazing blog related to all things Disney. The Disney Driven life not only offers a unique look into a Disney fans eyes but a true connection with those that are true Disney fans.

7. Growing Up Disney

This is a neat blog for several reasons but my favorite being that this is a family of Disney lovers. Right at the header of this blog you can see it says, "Three generations taking on the "World." The passion for all things Disney surly shines through each post. It is no wonder how this blogger just found herself in round 2 for the Disney Mom's panel.

8. Chip and Co

This is a fabulous site for Disney news, rumors and posts. There is a TON of information on this site. If you are planning or just need to calm your Disney crave visit Chip and sure will not be disappointed.

9. Everything Walt Disney World

What a nice looking site!! Not only do I love the organized clean look of this site but I LOVE the writing style. The information is well written and very informative whether you are a seasoned Disney Parks fan or a newbie. I highly recommend visiting this site!!

10. Disney Babies

This is a really cute site! The bloggers are two moms that are raising their children to become Disney fans just like them. You will find some great travel information if you are a Disney fan traveling with children.

Thank you again to all of the wonderful Disney bloggers out there!! While I know there are so many more of you that I have not be shy. Comment or email me and I will be sure to link you in my posts.

See you real soon!


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for including C&C on your list. U RAWK!

  2. Thank you so much! The Affordable Mouse is honored to be part of such an illustrious group! :)

  3. Wow. Thanks very much. You are much too kind.