Thursday, February 17, 2011

Columbia Harbour House: A Review

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Dining Style:Quick Service
Meals:Lunch & Dinner 
Location: Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square

Disney Dining Plan is accepted

Columbia Harbour House offers Disney counter service at its best. When you are looking for a counter service location that offers something other than hamburgers, swing on over to Columbia Harbour House. Located in Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, Columbia Harbour House is designed to give you the feel that you have stepped back in to the Colonial period. The menu features fish and chips, chowder, chicken and sandwiches. 

The decor is true to the Colonial time period with dark wood and heavy wooden tables and chairs and nautical decorations scattered about. There is plenty of seating in this location. Take note of the seating upstairs, this is where my family and I love to dine. Be sure to get a window seat as you can watch everything that is going on in Liberty Square as you dine. 

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Some of this restaurant's special features are the sweet or unsweetened ice tea, freshly brewed. There is nothing like it after a hot day in the parks. You may also want to order the New England clam chowder for $4.49 at this location as I hear it is exactly the same as the one offered at Liberty Tree Tavern for $ 6.99!!

Quick Tips....
1.     If you plan to eat there for lunch I would recommend arriving at about 11:15 to avoid the lengthy lunch lines. 
2.     Eating upstairs will provide a more peaceful eating the way there is a condiment bar upstairs as well. :0)

Columbia Harbour House offers a wonderful dining ambiance with some unique counter service offerings that are hard to come by anywhere else. This is a must do on every Disney trip for my family. 

What is your favorite thing to order when you dine at Columbia Harbour House?

Visit to view the menu.

See ya real soon!! 


  1. Great review! I went there last March and made it my first meal stop of the trip. I got the chicken and fish basket with the apple crisp and I just loved it. I wish I had some now!

  2. Thanks Julie!! I just love the apple crisp! And I too wish I could be there right now people watching from the upstairs dining room.

  3. Dropping by to say hello to a fellow Monorail Yellow blogger!

  4. Hi Kimberly!! Thanks for stopping by...I am really looking forward to working with you. :0)