Monday, February 7, 2011

Upgrade at Pizza Planet!

Money Saver Monday!!!

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I have decided to share something with you from my most recent trip to Disney World. One day we decided to use our counter service credit at Toy Story Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you could imagine, the menu is made up of almost all pizza. Adults get a personalized sized pizza, a salad a drink and a choice of a cookie or Mickey Crisped Rice treat for dessert. Per the menu kids can get cheese pizza, grapes, applesauce and a choice of milk, or juice.  

Our middle child Logan likes pepperoni pizza the cheese option was not going to cut it. So we asked if he could have the pepperoni instead. The cast member(CM) that helped us gladly rang us up for the pepperoni with no problem and no extra charge. On a side note, my youngest son Lucas ordered a kids meal with the regular cheese option. When we got up to the counter to pick up our food, Logan's pizza was an adult size portion and so was Lucas'. I showed the CM behind the food counter my receipt and let her know that those are supposed to be kid's meals. The CM told me that when a child asks for a topping on his/her pizza, it is upgraded to the larger size because they do not have the child size in anything but cheese. In addition, when one child in the party upgrades all children in that party get upgraded to make it fair. 

An example of an adult sized meal.

Now maybe I am easy to please but WOW!!! Again, Disney NEVER disappoints. The things that they think of in advance to remedy problems before they happen truly does make Walt Disney World the most magical place on earth! I am fully convinced that Walt would be proud. :0)

Last, this made it to Money Saver Monday because this is such a value and I would imagine that some children would like to have some sort of a topping on their pizza. What a great value especially if you are dealing with an older child that has yet to make it to the adult portion on the meal plan yet. What a great way to get more bang for your buck!!

See ya real soon!!

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  1. thanks for the tip! I will try this next time. My son loves pepperoni as well and is usually a little disapointed with just cheese. But never really complains much because there are games to look at too. But we'll try this "upgrade" to pepperoni for him. I hope it works! thanks!