Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney Pin Codes.Are They a Delicacy?

Money Saver Monday!!

Disney pin code offers are somewhat of a delicacy in the Disney travel community. You will hear of people that get pin code offers yearly and sometimes multiple times per year to people that never receive them at all. Every Disney discussion board you go on has questions about how to receive a pin code. While in all honesty only Disney knows. There are a few things that you can do to increase the likelihood that you will receive a pin code offer. Before we go over those lets talk about what a pin code is.

What is a pin code? 
Over the past several years Disney has sent out a ton of discounts to potential travelers in the form of mail or email offers. These mailings offer a steep discount on Walt Disney World travel.  The discounts can be for virtually anything that Disney wants to offer from free dining, to discounted room rates, to kids stay and play for free. There are usually date restrictions and the offer is tiered by resort category. When and if you receive a pin code offer it may only be used by the person that it is addressed to, another words it is nontransferable. 

How do I get one? 
There truly is no science to knowing why Disney sends them to some travelers and not to others. What I can tell you is that there are ways to make sure you are on Disney's mailing list which will increase the chances of you getting included in the mass mailing of pin codes. :0)

  • Visit and create a profile. When you do this you will be asked what free newsletters and publications you would like to sign up for, I checked all of them. 
  • If you already have a profile at then go there and update it. 
  • If you have multiple email addresses you can create extra profiles on For example, both my husband and myself have profiles and both of us receive pin codes. 
  • Price out a "mock" Disney vacation when signed in under your profile. If asked why you did not book, just mention that there were no good deals.
  • Request a Disney planning DVD, one time we actually received an offer with the DVD. 
  • Create custom maps on . 
  • Sign up for a Disney Visa card(sometimes there are even special offers for Visa card holders)
  • Be sure to sign up for all of the Disney sweepstakes and offers.  
  • Check your SPAM folder to see if there are any offers in there. (This has happened quite a bit)
  • Call your Disney travel agent to see if there are any offers in attached to your name and address. In 2009 we had a trip booked and were on a 20% off pin code offer. I called Disney and to my great surprise there was an offer for free dining attached to my name and address. They said that it was emailed to me...I never received it, but the offer was applied to my reservation and we saved a bundle for our family of 5. If you get a representative that does not want to check for you, hang up and call back. There are representatives that will check for you. 
I am sure that there are a ton of other ways to receive pin code offers...I would love to hear what you have done to get these great offers. Comment below or share on our Facebook page

Check back next week for Money Saver Monday as I will share with you some little secrets to using your pin code once you get one. :0)

See ya real soon!

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  1. Hello!
    We used to book Disney vacations yearly before we moved to Florida. We always did what you say to do above. The mailing list, maps, etc. We used to get the pin codes often. I think that is the key. Thanks! Elizabeth from