Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ellen's Energy Adventure

New on Disney Guru is attraction day Tuesday!!! Every Tuesday we will discuss a different attraction that lies within Walt Disney World. I am very excited to learn and to teach all about the wonderful attractions throughout the "World".

Today's stop is Ellen's Energy Adventure

Located in Epcot at The Universe of Energy Pavilion, this 45-minute attraction that takes you on a comical multimedia presentation about energy. Starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the science guy you and your family can expect to gain some educational knowledge of the history and future of energy. Three films a tram ride and some Audio-Animatronics dinosaurs are your entertainment for the presentation. 

The adventure through time begins as Ellen is asleep in front of the television. Ellen dreams of being a contestant on the show Jeopardy!! Her dream quickly turns into a nightmare as she dreams about her collage rival Smart Judy. Coincidently the quiz categories are all about energy...which Ellen knows nothing about. 

This is the part where Bill Nye steps in and takes Ellen, you and your family on an educational adventure through time.  The attraction takes you from a presentation setting to a moving tram ride through the Mesozoic Era of dinosaurs where you will see and hear the sounds of that time period. Shortly after arriving in the Mesozoic Era, you are moved to another theater where you are shifted back to the present time period. Here you will learn about man's energy use. Finally, you shift back to the first theater where you can watch Ellen take a jab at becoming Jeopardy's next winner!!! 

My thoughts on the attraction:

Geniously, Ellen has almost transformed herself into a child-like thinking pattern to allow Bill Nye to have to really explain energy in its fullest. Children and adults alike will truly enjoy the crafty yet education wit that both Ellen and Bill share on screen. I know that many people have a love/hate relationship with this attraction but we love it!! I love the fact that we are learning as we are having fun. Now yes, I am aware that there are many updates that Disney really should follow through with on this attraction one in particular is that gas is listed as $1.30 per gallon...yeah right!!! That would be the day!! But overall I truly enjoy this attraction. 

A fun fact:
If you sit in the theater's back right corner you will spend much more time with the dinosaurs. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about Ellen's Energy Adventure. Is it a must do for you or do you take a pass? 

See ya real soon!


  1. I too love this attraction! I love Ellen and laugh every time at the jokes. I also enjoy this attraction if I'm particularly tired and need to get off my feet for a while! :) I have actually been known to take a quick nap on this one!

  2. LOL Beth!!! Yes it is quite a relaxing ride and wonderful for those hot summer days. :0)

  3. My almost 12 year old son loves this ride and it has been among his favorites for more than a few years now. Ellen is so funny. I do wish they would upgrade it a little to make it a little different...not that there is anything wrong with the ride in general...it's just that I have ridden it so many times it would be fun to see a change here and there.