Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Guru's "Top Ten" Walt Disney World travel tips!!

10. Bring a potato chip clip with you to hold curtains closed.

9. Bring a power strip with you to plug in all of the items that need to be recharged. (Most Disney resorts do not have a ton of plugs)

8. Pack gum....it is not sold anywhere on Walt Disney World property.

7. Pack pain reliever...someone will need it. Make sure to have a childrens' version just in case your little one needs it.

6. Bring a plastic over the door shoe holder. Use this to store your toiletries. This allows "Mouse Keeping" to clean your sink and helps you not have to fight for counter space when you get ready in the morning.

5. Bring a small collapsible laundry basket to keep your dirty clothes in. This will also help you transport your clothes to the laundry facilities when you need to .

4. You must make your advanced dining reservations 180 days before you arrive, or you may not eat where you want.

3. Budget what you want to give your children in spending money. Then buy them a gift card, and a wallet from the dollar store. Place the gift card in the wallet, and present them with it on their nightstand when they wake up that first morning. When they run out of money, they are done shopping.

2.  Use Fast Pass!!! Give all of the tickets to one person and have them run ahead and get those passes for your group while you work your way over to another attraction...this is a major time saver.

1. The biggest tip....research your vacation time. Do not get upset if you are in line for 60 minutes, for Tower of Terror, in the 88 degree heat in June.

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See you real soon!!

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