Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Two Sides to The Great Movie Ride

Happy Saturday Guru readers!!!

I absolutely adore, The Great Movie Ride!!! What I did not know until recently, is that there are actually two different scene choices when you ride. The most popular scene is the gangster scene. But on occasion one can also get the cowboy scene. Word on the street is that the cowboy scene includes some!!!!

My suggestion to you is to ask if you can sit in the cowboy may be in for a fun surprise!!!

See you real soon!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak!!


  1. I hear that Disney doesn't always use that scene due to the expenses of natural gas for the pyro setting (the burning of the bank). In fact I heard rumors that one time that they wanted to change the western setting to another type and have a new unwelcome visitor board the vehicle.