Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Use Walt Disney World Transportation while staying on property.

Nothing says vacation like, no cooking, no dishes, no making my bed, no scrubbing toilets, and no driving!

Walt Disney World Transportation is a wonderful way to save money while vacationing. You must be registered as a Walt Disney World Resort guest in order to utilize the free transportation system. In my 20+ times of vacationing at Walt Disney World, I have never rented a car. Now that Walt Disney World offers free airport transfers through Magical Express, they make it even easier for you to leave the car at home.

Every hour of the day, and well into the night, blessedly cool Disney buses ferry people free from one park to another and to and from the Disney resorts. Monorail and boats are other cool ways to get around. 

I suggest that you do your homework. This way you can take full advantage of each transportation system that Walt Disney World has to offer.  To see a detailed description of each transportation system Walt Disney World has to offer click here.

See you real soon!!!

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