Monday, September 20, 2010

How about those old park tickets?

Happy Monday Guru readers!!!

I have a challange for you have any old park tickets? Do they have unused days on them?

I was recently going through some of my old photo albums to find that I have saved all of my old hopper passes for my past trips. Come to find out, I have unused days on those tickets!! Any park ticket that was issued before 1/2/2005 is still valid.  What a fabulous way to save on your upcoming Walt Disney World Vacation!

The great news about this is, you may have paid a substantially lower price for your old ticket, but Disney is still willing to honor it at no additional charge to you. Old Park Hopper tickets purchased prior to 1/2/05 generally cannot be upgraded, or converted to Magic Your Way tickets. All you can do is use up the remaining days on them, but check with Guest Services to be sure.
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See you real soon!!!

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