Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dinosaur...A Scary Adventure!!!!

Location: Animal Kingdom Park Dinoland U.S.A.
Height Requirement: 40 Inches

Dinosaur is by far the scariest ride on Walt Disney World property. From the in your face dinosaurs to the loud roars, this dark indoor thrill ride is sure to leave thrill seeking teens and dinosaur lovers alike talking about it for days!!

The attraction begins in the Dino Institute Discovery Center, which is designed to give you the feel that you are in  a natural history museum.  Murals and displays around the room as well as a short presentation about how the asteroid came and wiped away the dinosaurs are all in preparation for your journey through time. Through a short presentation you find out that the institute has a new high-tech vehicle that is designed to take you back to the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth...the vehicle is called the Time Rover. In the presentation you learn that Dr. Grant would like to defy rules and send you back the time period just before the asteroid hit, he actually wants you to bring back an iguanodon.
A bit blurry, but you can see how scared the adults are.
Thank you Stefanie for the picture!! :0)

Soon after speaking with Dr. Grant you are rushed into your Time Rover and before you know it you are one with the Dinosaurs. Trekking through forest-like areas with sightings of dinos in the area you are not in any real danger yet. That is until a huge carnotaurus starts chasing your Time Rover. All of the sudden you are starting to lose power. Losing the power along with a few other set-backs you start to feel as though you may not be making it back home anytime soon. After a sudden burst of speed rushes you back to the present, monitors show that you did indeed pick up that iguanodon.

A wonderful cast member took our pic while we waited for our family to get off of the ride. 

Some things to keep in mind....

This is a very dark ride and is quite scary. My 13 year old and 6 year old go on it and always have. I can tell you that I know that my 3 year old will not be riding this attraction for a very long time...i know he would not like it. If you are not sure if your children would like the ride, get a baby swap and go on first, then when you come out the other adult can ride with the kids if you feel it is appropriate. Keep in mind that you know your child best. This area of the park offers a great place for shade, relaxing time on a bench, or a place for your little one to run around and play while you wait. 

Lucas playing while we wait. 

Fun facts....

  • Be ready to say cheese...you will be getting your picture taken.
  • Check out the trees that appear to be growing behind the Dino Institute building they are actually placed on the roof to give the illusion that the building is a small museum and not a huge indoor ride. 
  • In the loading area you will notice that there are red, yellow and white pipes. These are labeled with the chemical makeup of ketchup, mustard, & mayo....this was a reference to the rides original sponsor McDonald's. 
  • Look for the Hidden Mickey that appears as marks on a tree trunk in a lobby mural. 
See ya real soon!!


  1. Since it is my picture above you can tell that i think this is the scariest ride in the park, i have ridden it twice and vow never to do Dinosaur again. There is just something about this ride that actually scares me to the core. It is the one ride I do not "require" my children to try once. I always warn any people going to Disney World for the first time to try this ride first before putting small children on it.

  2. Stef I have to agree, while we love this ride it is VERY scary! I too always warm others before they go on.

  3. This ride was so scary!! When i finally thought the ride was over, that giant last dinosaur at the end made me pee my pants.