Monday, March 28, 2011

When Time is Money, Ride the Single Rider Line

Money Saver Monday!!

I think that all would agree that saving time on your Disney vacation is almost as good as saving money on a Disney vacation. Busy season is defiantly in full-swing at Walt Disney World. In fact, I know several people that are visiting as we speak and the lines that are going on are anything but short. :0) Avoiding lines is such a science that Disney is currently trying to figure out ways to use technology to add interactive queues, and use Fastpass to shorten your waiting experience.  

In addition to those enhancements. Disney has taken some of it's most popular attractions and added a Single-Rider Line. It really is very simple. How many times have you be close to the front of the line and heard, "is there anyone that is a party of 1?" If you are willing to ride an attraction by yourself, you can go in the Single Rider line. 

How is this different from Fastpass/Baby Swap?

  • You do not need a reserved time to enter the line. 
  • You do not need to ride the ride once in order to get a ticket to reenter. 

Who is this system good for?

  • Maybe you have small children and dad wants to ride a thrill ride, he can quickly enter the single rider line while his family waits with another adult.  
  • You are a party of older children and adults that do not care if you ride together. 
What attractions have Single Rider Line? 

  • Expedition Everest( Disney's Animal Kingdom)
  • Rock N Roller Coaster(Disney's Hollywood Studios)
  • Test Track (Epcot)
The only downfall to Single Rider Lines are that they are not offered at more attractions. I would love to hear your experiences using the Single Rider Line. 

See ya real soon!!

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  1. Using single rider at test track is the best. Usually it's me and one other person, so if we go single rider, chances are better we'll still end up in the same car! I've not used single rider for the other 2.

    We try not to go during peak times, so it's usually not an issue for us! :)