Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Movie Ride

Attraction Tuesday!!

Photo From Flikr

The Great Movie Ride is located at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This attraction is located in the stunning Hollywood landmark known as "Grauman's Chinese Theater." Due to the fact that Disney was denied the rights to use the name "Grauman" the beautiful landmark was simply named, "The Chinese Theater."  This iconic theater offers a wonderful home for an attraction that pay homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

When you enter the attraction you are guided through a queue that was designed as an exact replica of The Chinese Theater lobby. The beginning of the queue has beautiful displays of props and costumes from movies such as; Mary Poppins, The Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, and Shakespeare in Love.  Once you pass through the lobby area, you are sent into a theater-like setting where you will view condensed trailers of some of the movies that are featured on the ride.  Once you have passed through the theater, you are ready to board the ride!! 

The ride itself is a slow-moving cab that holds quite a bit of patrons. Once you board you are immersed into the dreamlike state of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Your ride is has a movie guide that helps tell you the stories and tributes to the movies. The movies are broken up into genres:

  • Musicals
  • Gangster Movies
  • Westerns
  • Indiana Jones Action Movies
  • Horror 
  • Then a tribute to The Wizard of Oz
The finale to the ride is a place where everyone is brought together in theater to experience a three minute montage of classic movie moments. I will warn you, if you are like me at all you will cry during this segment. It gets me every time. :0)  

After viewing the montage, your car exits the theater back to where you began. This particular attraction was designed before rides were designed to exit into a shop. I will have to admit being quite the movie buff...this is the one attraction that I would like to have a gift shop for...oh well. 

Should Small Children Ride......

I do know of many people that will not take their young children on this ride due to the fact that Alien the movie is featured on this ride. This part is dark and can be a bit scary so use your best judgment when choosing to ride. I will say that I do take my children on this ride and they have never been afraid.  In addition to Alien, this ride also has a live acting segment in either the Gangster scene or the Western scene....the loud noises or fire can be scary for small children. 

Fun Stuff and Tips

  • Don't forget that there are Two Sides to The Great Movie Ride
  • Check out Makin' Memories to take The Great Movie Ride Challenge
  • Sit in the front you will see and hear everything much better.
  • The Cagney Robot wears one of the stars actual tuxedos worn by the star. The tuxedo was donated by the family. 
  • Minnie Mouse hides in the boarding-area mural. Facing left her profile is just above and to the right of a center tile roof, tucked under palm fronds. 
This ride holds a special place in my heart because I just adore movies and the way they are made. I especially love the classics as that is what my mom and I always watched together as a child. I encourage you to take The Great Movie Ride Challenge as it will bring you and your family closer together. My daughter is on spring break this week and we are going to begin. 

See ya real soon!!!


  1. I can't say enough about this ride Kelly! My all time favorite since I was little. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sheds a tear, its such an emotional experience :) I can ride this over and over and never tire of it. It is fabulous!! I would just love to hang out in the Wizard of Oz scene all day!

  2. I could not agree more!! I love classic movies and this ride is just perfect!