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Dine with a Stunning View at San Angel Inn

San Angel Inn
Mexico Pavilion, Epcot's World Showcase

Location: Epcot's Mexico Pavilion 
Cuisine: Mexican 

Experience: Casual Dining
Price: $15-$35

Expereince: Casual Dining
Price: $36-$59

The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at this location 

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One of the most breathtaking sites I see when I do my walk-through at Epcot's World Showcase is the Mexico Pavilion. Upon entering the pavilion you are warmly greeted by the sights, sounds and smells of all things Mexico. From the quaint market place, to the cozy glow of the candles on the dining tables, you are sure to feel right at home. 

Market Place photo from  via Google Images

As you make your way over to the check in podium take in the beautiful pyramid in the back of the restaurant. This is a true symbol of Mexico. The dim lights and quiet sounds of Mexican music can be heard and are significantly placed to get you relaxed and ready to dine. Take note of the Grand Fiesta Ride that features Donald Duck. Don't be shy ask your hostess if you can be seated along the water for a very romantic view of the pyramid and ride. 

Upon being seated you are greeted by a waiter and chips and salsa. The chips and salsa are very yummy!!! Beware, if you do not like onions or strong spices, this may not be the dish for you. If you happen to be a guacamole fan, you may want to give that a whirl as we found it quite tasty. To mix it up after a long day at the parks it would not hurt to add an adult beverage to your order....can we say frozen margarita yummmmmy!!! 

Personally, I have dined at San Angel Inn 4 times and every single time the food has been fantastic!! What I can say is that being married into a Hispanic family I have the pleasure of dining on homemade Mexican food quite often, I am not sure that I would call San Angel Inn the most authentic, but believe me it is yummy!

Some of my personal lunch recommendations are:

Cochinita Pibil - Slowly cooked pork, marinated with achiote seeds, beer, garlic, red onions, and orange juice. (lunch only)

Puntas de Filete en Salsa Guajillo - Beef tenderloin tips sautéed with fresh onions and chile Guajillo sauce, served over corn tortillas, black beans, and fresh cheese.(lunch only)

If you are looking for a combination so that you can sample a few items you could do the traditional Mexican lunch:

Traditional Mexican Lunch

Sopa Azteca - traditional tortilla soup
Cochinita Pibil - shredded pork with achiote seeds
Flan - vanilla custard in caramel
Includes soft drink or iced tea. 

Some of my dinner recommendations are:

Corvina en Mole Verde - Fresh corvino served with mole verde and Mexican cream rice, and slices of serrano ham. 

Mole Poblano - Grilled chicken breast served over a bed of chicken morsels, carrots, chayote chiles, with the classic sauce of spices and a hint of chocolate.

If you are looking for a combination so that you can sample a few items you could do the traditional Mexican dinner:

Traditional Mexican Dinner

Sopa Azteca - traditional tortilla soup with avocado, cheese and pasilla pepper
Grilled Skirt - Grilled skirt served corn kernels, nopales, spring onions, and black beans
Flan - Vanilla custard in syrup, topped with roasted almonds
Includes soft drink or iced tea. 

If you are traveling with small children you will be pleased to know that they can get away from the traditional theme park foods while dining at San Angel Inn. Your little travelers will have the opportunity to try the tastes of Mexico!! 

 Kids' Menu:

Cheese Quesadilla - Grilled flour tortilla filled with cheese
Beef Taco - Soft flour tortilla with ground beef
Chicken Tenders - Chicken tenders served with Mexican rice

After the wonderful Mexican dishes you must not forget that in Mexico they have some wonderful dessert options. My very favorite desserts at San Angel Inn are:

Flan de Vainilla - vanilla custard in syrup, topped with roasted almonds. 
Capirotada de Chocolate Blanco - white chocolate golden raisin bread pudding served with Mexican milk caramel.

Flan de Vainilla photo from via Google Images

Capirotada de Chocolate Blanco photo from via Google Images 

Now I do have to say that while I love those two dessert options my husband and I are very disappointed to see that San Angel Inn does not offer fried ice cream. In addition, it would be nice to see horchata added to the menu. This is a very traditional Mexican rice water drink and can be found at almost all authentic Mexican restaurants. 

While the ambiance is quite romantic, service always up to par and the food quite tasty, I am going to rate San Angel Inn a 7. I do this for the lack of a few Mexican traditional menu items as well as the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine. 

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