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Hang loose at 'Ohana

For those of us that LOVE Lilo and Stitch, we are well aware that 'Ohana means family. When you dine at 'Ohana located at Disney's Polynesian Resort, you can expect to feel like one of the "family". In fact you are told that you and everyone else in the restaurant are "cousins".

Like everything Disney, the attention to detail is very evident in this dining location. It is not just the decorating here but the central purpose that surrounds what you are at 'Ohana to do. This restaurant was designed to bring people together. Everything from the way the food is served to the activities that go on throughout the meal will allow for families to be brought together.

*This is a review of dinner at 'Ohana.

Hours: 5 PM to 10 PM Daily 
Location: Disney's Polynesian Resort
Reservations: Strongly Recommended
Prices: $34.99 Adults, $15.99 Children ages 3-9 
Dinner served family style

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 Relax and enjoy....

While reservations are a must at 'Ohana, from the time of check in to sitting you can expect to wait about 15-20 minutes on average. This is a hot dinner location; do not expect to do a walk up. While one may think that waiting would be an annoyance, think again. There is a ton to do while you are waiting. Feel free to enjoy a Hawaiian beverage, shopping or enjoy the cascading waterfalls in the Polynesian lobby area. Fortunately, you are given a buzzer when you check in. The buzzer will work throughout the top floor of the lobby, so browse away. :0)

The Ambiance....

The dining area boasts floor to ceiling windows which offer a beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom. In the middle of the restaurant is a huge oak fire pit which is where you food is prepared for the evening. As you are escorted to your table your host/cousin will take you on a mini tour of the restaurant, with a quick stop at the bar to pick up your pineapple coconut bread...yuuuuummmy! Then a short trip past the fire pit where skewers of shrimp, steak, chicken, pork and more are being prepared just for you. Your table is accented with large comfy chairs, perfect after a full day at the parks. Your server will greet you shortly after you are seated. He/she will be responsible for getting your drinks and most of your food.

The fun.....

As you dine you will notice that there is entertainment...yay!! 'Ohana has an entertainment director that is in charge of facilitating a fun night for you and your family. The fun includes (but not limited to):

  • leis
  • teaching hula lessons
  • Pampering honeymoon and anniversary couples with a slow dance
  • leading the restaurant in Hawaiian Happy Birthday
  • Coconut races and hula hoop contests for the kids
  • Hawaiian Songs on the ukulele 

Time to eat.....

I have traveled with many first time visitors to 'Ohana and they always say hands down that 'Ohana is their favorite place to eat. Not only do you get a plethora of food choices but the food is good!!! All of the food is Polynesian inspired and includes plates and bowls full of food. Do not worry, if you run out, just ask for more.  The meal is served in courses as follows:

Each course:

  • Pineapple Coconut Bread aka Welcome Bread. 
  • Mixed greens salad with honey lime dressing. This is by far a favorite of my families. My husband does not even eat salad, but he eats this one. The dressing is fabulous!! 
  • Teriyaki lo mein noodles with vegetables and stir-fried broccoli. This broccoli is just stellar!!
  • Honey-coriander chicken wings
  • Pork Dumplings with sweet and sour sauce
As you dine on your delectable feast your "cousin" comes around with skewers of grilled meat!! One meat comes to your table at a time. No worries is quick. :0)

  • Asian BBQ pork loin 
  • marinated sirloin steak
  • peel and eat shrimp

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Last and certainly not least is the dessert. You must try the dessert!! 'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with banana foster sauce...this is succulent. Many are too full to enjoy it but pace yourself to allow time to enjoy will not be sorry. 

My rating: 
I give 'Ohana a 9 out of 10. While this restaurant makes for a wonderful family gathering over a perfect feast, I often feel a bit rushed and unattended to by my "cousin".  A few tips to remember when planning to dine at 'Ohana:

  •  Make a late night reservation around fireworks will be able to watch them as you enjoy your meal. 
  • Be sure to make a reservation as walk-ups to this location rarely get a table. 
  • Entertainers change on various nights some are better than others.
* Visit for the complete menu. 

I would like to thank Jamie at for providing me with fantastic photos!!!

See ya real soon!

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