Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's top ten reasons to stay at Pop Century

Happy Tuesday!!! To go with my very first article on The Affordable Mouse, I thought it would be fun to list my top ten reasons I think you should save money and give Pop Century a try!!

10. Head on over to Fast Forward arcade. This arcade is centrally located in Pop Century's Classic Hall. Enjoy family time on a rainy day or even after a long day at the parks.

9. Everything Pop shopping and dining area is by far the best food court/shopping resort experience on Disney property. You are sure to find almost anything you need in this shop and more. Most likely if you see it at the parks you will find it at Everything Pop.

8. The larger than life pop icons make Disney's Pop Century Resort unique. From the 1950's through the 1990's you are sure to find popular slogans and memorabilia from an era that you can relate to.

7. The pools at Pop Century resort are themed in a way to get the whole family grooving. Enjoy one of the three themed pools, 1950's has a bowling pin pool, 1960's has a flower power themed pool, and the 1990's has the computer themed pool. Young children will enjoy both the wading pool and the splash pad.

6. The busing system at Pop Century are much appreciated by those that stay there. It is really nice to know that while you stay at Pop you do not share a bus with any other resort.

5. The Food Court- I have mentioned this several times but the food court at Pop Century is like no other.

4. Mousekeeping- For some reason I feel that the mousekeepers at Pop are much more attentive than what I have experienced at other resorts. Not only was I surprised to see that upon arrival we had towel creatures waiting for us, but nightly it seemed that there were little magical touched added to our room to enhance our stay.

3. Newly Remodeled Rooms- Wow!! Not only is Pop one of the newest resorts on Disney property, but it already went through a remodel. You can expect some nice space saving features along with some sprucing up to your room.

2. Fun at any age- My mother and my mother in law travel with us to Disney on a regular basis. They thought that I should add that no matter what the age, you are sure to have a rockin time at Pop Century. People of all ages will find a connection with the pop memorabilia featured throughout the resort.

1.Savings!!!!! While you are in for a huge savings when you stay at Disney's Pop Century Resort, the magic is in full swing.

*Check out Pop Century Fan Site for tons of pictures and info all about Pop!!

See ya real soon!

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