Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's top 10 things I miss at Disney World

Happy Tuesday!! Well folks it is the middle of winter and yes, this is when my Disney crave is at its fullest. I eat breath and sleep Disney more now than ever!!!! This got me thinking about all of the things that I love and miss about Walt Disney World. :0)

10.  The anticipation of dining at a new location that you worked really hard getting into....the best feeling in the world!!!

9. Checking in when you first arrive at Walt Disney World is by far one of the most magical feelings I have. The distinct smells of the lobby makes me feel at home. 

8. The exciting details that World Showcase has put into each country ie....impromptu plays such as Chinese jugglers and skits in the UK. I love feeling like I have literally traveled the "World" all in one trip. 

7. I love looking for secrets with my kids and having people look at us like we are crazy loons. On this last trip we were looking for all of the phones throughout Magic Kingdom that you can pick up and hear a phone conversation on. Well needless to say that when we did the Main Street Party Line...a gentleman in the store could not believe that we were picking up the phone...lol. I politely let him know it was part of the magic!! 

6. I LOVE the Great Movie Ride!!! From the cheesy ride host to the wonderful movies that are featured on this ride I just miss it and love going on it every time we visit Walt Disney World. Oh yeah and don't forget, there are "Two Sides to the Great Movie Ride." 

5. Come on.... we all miss the monorail. You knew that would be one of my ten, well it actually falls into the category of top 5 for me. I have some wonderful memories of staying at the Polynesian with my best friend in the whole world!! We would ride the monorail again and again!! Let's not forget, "Please stand clear of the doors...Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas." 

4. My family and I LOVE Disney during Halloween!! We love riding the Haunted Mansion while at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and seeing the Madame Leota reenactment on the hill. We just love her!!!

3. Pirates of the Caribbean is a personal favorite of mine. It has a smell that I love!! It is amazing to me when my whole family can go on a ride and fully agree that it is just plain wonderful. As a mom of three kids that are not at all close in age, agreement is priceless!

2. I know it is cliché but walking down Main Street for the first time each trip is the one thing I look forward to more than anything else. It lets me know that I am home. I feel most relaxed once I get to this point in my trip. 

1. The number one thing I miss about Walt Disney World is experiencing an attraction for the first time with each one of my kids! Every time we go, we do something new. I love hearing them ask to do it again, the excitement is priceless. 

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See ya real soon!! 


  1. Oh Kelly! I'm so happy I found your blog (and thanks for visiting mine!). You rock and I love that you describe the smells (lobby, POTC, etc) as part of your Disney experience. To me, nothing beats the smell of the Poly lobby (I suppose that's humid and rotting vegetation?), the smell of the beach and all the sunscreen lotions and the smells of PotC and It's a Small World. Love it!! I have to go check out some more of your posts! Have a magical day!!

  2. Thank you so very much!! You are too kind. :0) I am so happy that you understand me about the smells....there is something about the smells at WDW that make me go crazy!!!! I am looking forward to following your site as well.

    Kelly :0)