Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top ten things I love about Disney World!

Let's face it Disney World is full of over stimulation sights, sounds and smells. Naturally we may forget to stop and smell the roses while at Walt Disney World. Next time you are there....take the time to pay close attention to the small details, relax and enjoy!

Here are my top ten things I love about Walt Disney World.

10. The man's voice that is used in Disney Transportation, his voice is unique just to Walt Disney World. When I hear it, I know I am home. :0)

9. There is nowhere else I can go in the world and be as tired as I am at Walt Disney World and yet, I am still motivated for more.

8. I just love using my snack credit to get a Dole Whip Float at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom. My family and I have created some magical memories over our daily sweet treat.

7. You woke up early, made rope drop, went on a ton of rides, ate lunch and are working up a sweat. One thing I love about Disney World is the ability to go back to my room for an afternoon nap....ahhhhh the feeling of crisp cool sheets is just priceless.

6. The ambiance that is created as you move from one land of Magic Kingdom to the next....did you ever notice that the music does not overlap?

5. I love that my rough and tough son is in complete and utter awe every time he sees a Disney Princess.

4. I love the unique smell that each Disney Resort lobby has.

3. I have to add "Soarin" to my list because I still feel that it is the very closest I will get to flying. The feeling I have on that ride is priceless!! Thank you Disney for allowing me to experience this!!

2. I love the excitement that planning a trip to Disney brings into my family’s life. It gives us all something to come together on...and at the end of the day, we know no matter what we do we will be happy because we are at Disney World!

1.Thank you Disney for giving me many magical moments with all of the people that I love in my life. Thank you for igniting a positive passion in me. I love Disney World!

What do you love about Disney World? 

See ya real soon!

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