Monday, January 3, 2011

Money Saver Monday!! The Disney Treasure Box

Happy New Year!! I wish everyone the very best for 2011!

We have all done it....come back from a Disney vacation, fully unpack but leave those Disney essential stored in a corner somewhere. Only to find, that by the time we feel like putting them all away, it is almost time for our next trip. Essentially, they never get put away.  My husband and I are tidy people but let me tell you, for the past 5 years we have had what we call a "Disney Corner" in the corner of our room. It contains, mister fans, Mickey ears, Key to the World holders, pool toys, autograph books/pens, ponchos, and a few more items. Whew!! I finally said, “Enough is enough, I have got to put all of those items away and clear that corner of my room.” I decided to go to Target and purchase a bin that is strictly for our Disney travel items. I let the kids put stickers on it to add some pizzazz and voila....I have a very neat and organized Disney Treasure Box!!

I love this idea for two reasons; one is that it keeps things organized into one place. Two, with that organization comes some money saving, because you are less likely to purchase repeat items such as mister fans, ponchos and autograph books/pens if you know where they all are.

Do you have any money saving tips or questions? Email me your ideas and I will include you on next week's Money Saver Monday!

See ya real soon!

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