Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dealing with Post Disney Blues

This is an article originally written for WDW Fan Zone another place that I call my Disney blogging home. Enjoy!

We all know it is coming, we have planed and spent and stayed up late hours in anticipation of the most magical vacation ever, your trip to Walt Disney World. But what happens when the trip is over?  If you are like me you begin to anticipate your post Disney blues before you even go on your trip!! For me it is like a downhill train ride. The first 4 days we are on our trip I am in heaven, once we get to the middle of the week I begin to feel sad in anticipation of the day we depart to go home. L The good news is, there are many ways you can help alleviate your post Disney blues.

Listen to Disney Radio

A fantastic way to ride those blues is to keep a small piece of Disney magic in your life every day. Before getting into the Disney online community, I never knew that there were actually Disney related radio stations out there. I cannot tell you enough how much it has helped me to be able to listen to Disney talk and music throughout my day!! This is probably the best way to rid my Disney blues.  These are the stations that I LOVE to listen to!!

·         WDWRADIO.COM

·         Sorcerer Radio

Pictures and Video

Right when we get home from our Walt Disney World vacation, I upload all of my pictures and video. My family and I love watching our Disney vacation dvd. As for the pictures, I always by a Disney photo album with the year on it. My kids and I have a blast putting all of the pictures in order and arranging them into photo albums.  I have all of my Disney albums displayed in a bookcase in my living room.  My kids often ask me to “read them” the photo albums. What they want me to do is go through them and talk about each photo and what we did on that particular trip. It is so much fun!!

Disney Related Forums

Believe it or not there are a TON of Disney related forums out there. The people that belong to these forums are all ready and willing to talk Disney 24 hours per day. There are discussions from shopping all of the way to rumors about all things Disney. There is also a place to write trip reports, people want to read about your vacation and they have questions. This has been the very best medicine for me. I have belonged to since 2008 and I have never looked back. Not only are these forums a great place to curb your Disney appetite but they are also a great resource when you are planning your Disney vacation.  These are my favorite Disney forums:



Start a Website

If you are so inclined, feel free to begin your very own website that is related to all things Disney!! I began Disney Guru back in August 2010; this is my way to give back to the Disney community that has been so kind to me. I have met so many wonderful friends and I have even learned a thing or two about creating a website.  There is truly no better way to bring Disney magic into your life then to create your own Disney site.

So yes, while there is really nothing to completely get rid of your Disney World craving like actually going there, there are things you can do to help buy you some time until you return.  I find time in my daily life to incorporate each and every one of the things I discussed above and then before I know it, it is time to return to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World!!

See ya real soon!!


  1. Great tips! I always have the post-Disney blues after a trip :( I started by Disney blog to help me through the year until my next trip!

  2. That is the reason I started my blog too! I have tried to find lots of way to keep away the Disney blues and bringing Disney magic to our home to pass the time between trips. But I will admit, that the first few days home are always difficult. Luckily, I usually have a lot of photos and videos to upload and edit to keep my mind occupied! :-)

  3. I can't wait to "read through" our Disney albums as well!

  4. @Brid...the kids just love it! They especially love the ones that they are not in...they cannot believe that at one time they were not here and we went
    @ Beth & Amanda this blog is my Disney