Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Inspiration of Dreams: Epcot

Living the Fairytale Life with Belinda!

I couldn’t be more excited about the month of May; Celebrating Epcot in all its glory. Many of us have never truly taken the time to delve into this park and really gain an understanding for all of the dreams and inspiration that Walt had for Epcot.  With all of the attractions, technology, restaurants and landscape, their comes a story, a history of Walt that lives within the park every time we visit. My hope is that you all will follow us during this month as we pay tribute to a park and a man that shared his dreams of technology and life with all of us.  Join us as we share some of our favorite attractions, memories and dreams of all things EPCOT.

As a little girl I remember visiting Disney World very clearly. The first park that always came to mind of course was Magic Kingdom. As a kid I loved it. I can remember them taking me to Epcot for the first time as well, and as a child, I was bored. I didn’t feel that spark that I got when I was spending the day around Cinderella’s Castle. As I grew into my teens, I still dreaded the annual Epcot visit each time we visited Disney World. I never dreamed as a child that all that would change. Now, as an adult, Epcot has become my heart and on my top favorite list.

Epcot inspires me, it helps my husband and I to dream for tomorrow and live for today all in one visit. From World Showcase to Innoventions, Test track and Finding Nemo, all of these attractions and sights in Epcot make us feel a sense of Walt within us and our hearts.  Epcot is a celebration of life, of freedom, and of the dreams that live in all of our hearts. Take for example, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. This mesmerizing show embraces Walt’s vision of humanity and the American dream.

In 1999 Epcot offered the LEAVE A LEGACY. A max of seven-hundred thousand guests could pay a nominal fee to have their photo placed on a square tile and placed on a wall surrounding Spaceship Earth. This program ended in June 2007. My husband and I feel so blessed to have participated in this. Now, every time we visit, we find magic in our hearts knowing that we are a part of Walt’s dream every day.

My husband and I make it a point with every trip to spend at least two full days at Epcot. From dining in World Showcase to embracing some of our most favorite Disney attractions, Epcot has become a part of us and our love for Disney. Join us this month as we celebrate the dreams, the magic and inspirations of life that Walt created for all of us to enjoy….. EPCOT!

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  1. I could just hear the passion coming out of this post!! Love it! And I LOVE that you were able to "Leave a Legacy"- how awesome!!

  2. Great post Belinda. Epcot is my favorite park too. Jake and I have a Leave A Legacy tile too. I think we had it done in 2000.

  3. Bird, thank you, that was so sweet. Im truly glad you enjoyed it!

    Kathy ~Thank you, thats awesome. Glad you stopped by :)