Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Walt's Vision for Epcot

Attraction Tuesday!!! 

This month at Disney Guru we are going to do some fun posts about Epcot. All of the Disney Guru girls are going to share what they love about Epcot. We chose to do this special on Epcot because we truly feel that it is a park full of hidden gems and wonders. It is a place that many people wont delve into in fear that it is too complex for their family. It is our hope that after we share the special elements of Epcot with you, you will feel inspired to explore Epcot on your next Walt Disney World vacation!

The differences from Magic Kingdom to Epcot are huge as Epcot's focus is on human journey of imagination, creation and how we are all different yet the same.  Walt did not live to see even the beginning stages of Epcot, but his vision still holds true. He wanted this park to be a celebration of life. Walt wanted to see humankind live harmoniously to create a better earth.  

One of my favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. On this journey you will pass through Walt's City of the Future Model. This vision was in full what Walt wanted to see happen at Epcot. Walt wanted his model to be a dynamic community that changed with human growth and technology. 

It was not until Walt's passing in 1966 that the plans for Epcot had changed drastically. The park went from one park to a divided park. One of the parks was to showcase the future of technology while the other was a tribute to cultures from around the world.  While it took many debates amongst the Imagineers, they came together to create a park full of wonder and beauty that of which is a true celebration of life and what we as humans can do with it. 

I never forget Walt as I think about my second home, the most magical place on earth. I feel that when I know his vision for his special place it truly helps me to appreciate the thought and dedication that went into creating "our" favorite place to be in the whole entire world.  I hope that you enjoy May here at Disney Guru as we delve into Epcot, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. 

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  1. Kelly, I think this was a wonderful idea, and I can't wait to read up on all things Epcot!!

  2. So excited about this... I love Epcot!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I am really excited to write all about it can't wait!