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A Refreshing Trip Around the World

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A Refreshing Trip Around the World 

Ah Epcot!!!  The one place you can travel the world in a matter of hours.  We are all familiar with World Showcase, Figment and his imagination, the “giant golf ball”, and a dancing fountain.  But there are little things that tend to get lost and forgotten.  I’ve been to the park many times and have always passed by one certain attraction until our last trip in 2010.

I knew it was there, but not its exact location.  I made it a goal to finally go and had no excuse not to.  I’m talking about Club Cool.

Located on the right hand side, just past the “giant golf ball” (AKA Spaceship Earth) and before the fountain is a plain looking building in Future World.  Here, your taste buds will go on a world tour.

Formally called Ice Station Cool, Club Cool is sponsored by Coca-Cola and offers not food, but cola from eight different countries.Tasting is free, though there is a gift store located inside for Coca-Cola related products.

Grab a small tasting cup and make your way to one of the self-serving centers to start this unique journey.   It’s fun to watch people’s reactions too.

First up is China for a cola they call Smart Watermelon.  It’s surprisingly good and a favorite amongst my kids as it’s more of a fizzy juice than a pop. It’s light and refreshing without being overly sweet.

Kinley Lemon from Israel is just like the name states; citrus tasting.  It’s very similar to lemonade with a hint of honey.  Kinley is very similar to Mountain Dew, if I was to describe it.

Next on our tour is Thailand and Lychee Mello.  This very sweet, grape type pop is just what you would expect it to be.   Those with a sweet tooth will find this to be quite a treat.

Japan takes a healthy approach with what they call Vegitabeta.  It’s not bad, but not something I would order to drink if I were to be in Japan.  If you are used to adding vitamins to smoothies and other beverages, this would quench your thirst as you do taste the minerals.

The popular drink of Costa Rican children has a name you might recognize; Fanta Kolita.  This kid’s favorite is a nice fruity cola that has just the right amount of sweetness.

Germany is known for beer and even mixes beer into non-alcoholic beverages to help weaken the alcohol content as in this drink called, Mezzo Mix.

In Italy, they drink a bitter beverage called an aperitif to help stimulate the appetite before dinner.  This is one you need to drink with caution.   I had fun getting others to drink it and watching their reaction.  You will need to taste it for yourself to see what I mean.  This cola is called Beverly.

Lastly, we wrap up with Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique.  In Africa, ginger has been long used for medical purposes and is a popular drink.  It’s even used as a mixer in African bars.  It is by far one of the best ginger ales I have ever tasted.

Now that I have your mouth salivating and taste buds buzzing, make sure you add this little stop on your list of things to do.  It’s a great way to cool down and escape the Florida heat while having fun.  Besides that, it's a great way to get your kids to try something new too.

Who can honestly say they drank cola from 8 countries in one day?  Well now you can.  And as the slogan says: Enjoy Coke!!

Keep smiling. . .till next month!!!
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  1. Looking forward to seeing how the kids like these drinks when we stop there- my in-laws, too ;-)

  2. Thanks Bird!! Me too I have never done this before and plan to do it first thing when we arrive. :0)

  3. LOVE Club Cool! One of the only times my boys get to sip on some soda and they adore it, especially in Florida heat! If you want to turn off your children to soda forever, let them try one of the icky ones first!

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