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World Showcase ~ Germany

World Showcase ~ Germany

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Are your bags packed? Today I’m taking you on a trip to Germany, located in World Showcase at Epcot! The Germany pavilion is one of my top favorites. As a little girl, we got stationed in Bamberg due to my father being military. I loved it. The food, the architecture and the feeling of being in the midst of a faraway land full of castles and charm. This is definitely the next best thing.

The Germany Pavilion depicts scenes out of a storybook. With flower boxed window ledges, stair stepped rooftops, beautiful balconies and arched entryways, this is one country not to be missed. Here you will find everything from German style shopping to food, beer and authentic German souvenirs.

Germany is situated around St. Georgsplatz; this is the center point of this pavilion; its cobblestoned walkaways center around the statue in the center; St. George.

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Biergarten ~ this restaurant is located at the very back of the St. Georgsplatz center in the Germany pavilion. You can’t miss it.  The roof tops of this restaurant are very much an appeal to the eye, with high pitched roofs that are tiered to the sky; one can’t miss this jolly restaurant.

If you want a romantic dinner for two, Biergarten is definitely not the spot to dine in. This restaurant is a very happy, clap your hands and be jolly type dining experience. The tables are situated to bring a form of togetherness among guest; with long tables, one cannot help but strike up a conversation with fellow diners.

The atmosphere here is quite the German setting, with scheduled appearances by traditional Bavarian musicians; you can’t help but think you are in the real country itself. The host here encourage you get on the dance floor and join in the fun. The musicians are usually dressed in some form of dirndl or lederhosen. With the sound of German music and the striking atmosphere, you are definitely guaranteed a jolly good time at this establishment.

The food here is presented as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Featuring everything from German sausages, rotisserie chicken, frankfurters, potato salad, cold dishes of all kinds, homemade spaetzle and a ton more German specialties. The dessert here is top notch, including everything from German cheesecake to the famous black forest cheese cake; you will definitely find something to your liking. Beer drinkers will love the full size steins they serve the beer in. Spotkan, a dark German and very popular beer is one to defiantly try. My husband loves it. It is tradition for us to get one every time we visit. It adds to the whole German experience.

Reservations at this restaurant are highly recommended; Book as early as possible, as spots do fill up quickly.  Price ranges from $15 to $50.00.

Biergarten Restaurant

Sommerfest ~ this quick stand type restaurant serves everything from soft pretzels, apple strudel, beer, wine, and bratwurst sandwiches. This eatery is located to the rear of the Germany pavilion with seating located nearby. Reservations are not needed for this quick stop. Prices range from under $15 to $30.00.

New to the Germany Pavilion

I am so excited about this new snack establishment located in the Germany pavilion!

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This is a brand new sweet shop that just recently opened in Germany. When visiting this yummy eatery, you will see Disney Cast members making fresh caramel apples, caramel corn, marshmallows and strawberries!  You will also find gourmet brownies, cupcakes, cookies and fudge. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a German spot not to be missed! Check out some photos! Can you say yummy?


The Germany pavilion has some of the most exquisite shops in World Showcase. You will artificats and gifts that are sure to please any member of your family. Listed below are the shops you will find along with some of items they offer.

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Der Bucherwurm - Here you will find everything from German steins, glassware, hand-painted eggs, and all kinds of sundries.

Der Teddybar – I love this store! Here they have all kinds of German toys, dolls, and my favorite, teddy bears.

Die Weihnachts Ecke - Another favorite of mine! Here you will find all kinds of German Christmas items, such as ornaments and decorations; to include the all-time famous “green pickle”!

Kunstarbeit In Kristall – This place has some of the most beautiful German glassware and crystal around.

Weinkeller - Here you will find all kinds of assorted German wines. I love being able to do the wine tasting here. Remember, the cost includes a souvenir wine glass!  What a perfect way to get a souvenir; A nice memory too.

Süssigkeiten - Another favorite! This store offers German steins and various wines. Some of the steins here are truly amazing. Word is that this shop is to be changing its name soon.

Volkskunst - My husband loves this store. It offers all kinds of cuckoo clocks and hand –painted eggs. All of the cuckoo-clocks and eggs are truly a work of art.

 Whatever shop you choose to venture to, you are sure to find the perfect German keepsake!

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I hope all of you enjoyed taking this trip with me to Germany in World Showcase.  It is truly a country that inspires us all, with its food, culture, amazing detail to design and their exquisite shops.  I hope all of your Disney adventures include a stop at Germanys pavilion, you won’t be disappointed!
Don’t forget to visit Snow White at her new character spot in this pavilion. You will find her located next to her wishing well.    

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  1. Belinda, Germany is my favorite as well! Great minds indeed!!

  2. I love the Germany pavilion! However, on our last trip (a family reunion in 2009) we had a strange experience. My then 4-year old daughter was doing the KidCot craft. In every country, the native worker was happy and pleasant and taught her words in their language. But in Germany, the worker seemed like she'd rather be anywhere else in that moment.

  3. I never got to see the Germany pavilion on my last visit! :(. I think I had one too many in the Rose and Crown and had to stumble back to the hotel. Definately want to visit all of them on the next visit. Great post though.