Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo Plans Save You Time

Money Saver Monday!!

From time to time I share a tip that follows the saying "time is money." This tip comes straight from me to you and it has the potential to save you so much time on your Disney vacation. Keep in mind that successful Disney vacations are well planned. People that have done their research and know what they want to do, feel that they have gotten their money's worth and they will make more repeat trips in the future.

About 95% of Disney travelers will spend time meeting characters or getting their picture taken using Disney's Photopass. Waiting in line is a great time to prepare yourself for the 45 seconds of fame you will have once you have reached the front of the line and get your pictures taken. Here are some tips to get it done efficiently yet still get your photo/video done.

  • Have cameras out of camera bags
  • Turn the camera on/take the lens cap off
  • Have the autograph books out with the page open(characters can't flip through pages)
  • Have your pen open and ready to go
  • Make sure children are out of the stroller and ready to go before it’s your turn.

One part of planning my Walt Disney World vacation is actually planning how I want pictures to be taken. Now if you are a smaller family you may not need to do this as thoroughly. If you are traveling with a party of 6 or more I recommend having a photo plan.

  • Decide what order you want to go up in.
  • There may be certain characters that you want the whole family to be in and some that you only want the kiddos in.

Being prepared can save you a ton of time on your vacation and can help you have cherished memories that you will forever love once you get home.

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  1. Thanks Amanda!! Have a magical day!

  2. Great tips, as usual! Great idea with the photo plan, too! With there being 10 of us, we should probably do that!