Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Found Love for Epcot!!

 Wacky Wednesday's With New England Disney Diva, Julie.

Today I’ll be talking about Epcot and the new-found love I’ve discovered for it over the last few years! If you ask what my earliest memories of Epcot are (at that time, it was referred to as ‘Epcot Center’) I’d probably say ‘Figment’ and leave it at that. I don’t remember being entirely enthralled with this park as a child, but now I can now proudly say it’s one of my favorites! I guess since I’m a Magic Kingdom girl, I’m a bit biased- I’ve always found myself comparing the two.

Now as an adult, going to WDW each year with my own family, I’ve realized that you simply cannot compare the two parks.  It’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges, or in Disney terms, ‘Mouse Bars to Dole Whips’!

There are so many differences between these two, but Epcot is just as magical in its own right and has so much to offer.  Here are some of the reasons why I love Epcot.

I love the futuristic aspect of Epcot, that breathtaking feeling you have when walking past that great big (silver ball, as my little girls would say) Geosphere would be the correct word I believe. We usually visit Spaceship Earth multiple times and I think I see something new each time I’m on it!

Family Favorites

Mission Space is also a fun attraction. I was tricked into going on this last year with my daughter. She made us get into the more intense line, on purpose, might I add. Let’s just say it was not a good experience, especially if you suffer from motion sickness, like I do. My eyes were shut for the entire 5 minutes (which at the time seemed like it lasted a lifetime!) All of this, before a 9:30 breakfast at Akershus! I still have not decided if I will attempt the ‘less intense’ version this year, but I still have plenty of time to decide on that one.

My girls absolutely adore The Seas with Nemo & friends.  This is probably the 1st attraction we will do. They love ‘Turtle Talk with Crush’; lots of interactive fun for kids and adults seem to get a kick out of it too! This is a great one to do because it’s enclosed, so if you’re overheated or there’s an unexpected Florida downpour, you’re safe for awhile.

Yet another favorite is ‘Living with the Land’. My family and I love this boat ride! My little girls are surprisingly fascinated with the way the plants and veggies are grown. This is just another fabulous Epcot experience. As I’m writing this I realize I could go on and on about Epcot…there’s just so much to see and do! Soarin’, the sights and smells of being whisked away to picturesque landscapes with the feeling that you’re flying! 

I love how there’s such a distinction between Future World & World Showcase. We love checking out all the different countries, trying out different food and drinks, the ambience of each country.  One of our favorite rides in World Showcase is ‘Maelstrom’ in Norway; we always look forward to it!

I was also fortunate enough to go again during Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival this past Fall and loved it! As a newbie to this event, I have to say next time will be much better executed.  There was so much to see and do with this event alone-I have to admit, my best friend and I were a bit overwhelmed.  I’ll want to make and  sure to spend an entire afternoon dedicated to sampling the food and drinks get the full effect!

But all in all, my very favorite time to visit Epcot has to be during the Flower & Garden Festival. This has been an ongoing tradition in my family for so many years, that I look forward to it! I love seeing the new topiaries on display, the fragrant aroma of the flowers and Epcot just seems to be ‘in bloom’ during this time! I’m really missing it this year and have been living vicariously through other friend’s photos that have gone.

These are just a ‘few’ of the many reasons why I have a renewed love for Epcot!

Magic Kingdom my always have my heart, but Epcot is a close second!!

What makes Epcot so special to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me… let’s chat soon!!

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  1. Great post, of my favorite park:)We have a pic of DH in Norway with the viking too, lol Thanks for sharing!

  2. Deb thanks for stopping by!! I need to get a pic of my hubby there

  3. Love the picture with the girls, too cute!

  4. Thanks glad you enjoyed it. My hubby struck that pose while we were waiting for our Adr @ Akershus..he's too funny:)

  5. My hubby has always loved this park but it took me a couple of visits before I began to see it the same way as he did and now I really enjoy spending more time there exploring all the different countries and especially riding SOARIN!!

  6. @ Sheron I agree this has been a growing love for me. Long gone are the days of me walking into Epcot and walking right out. There is so much to see and do...I just love it!! Thanks for stopping by! :0)

  7. ..Same here Sheron! My hubby & kids have always loved it, but it took me a little longer to come around..Now i love it & really look forward to it..Love Soarin' too!!