Friday, April 1, 2011

The Most Magical Dining Experience

In all of my magical visits to Walt Disney World, I have truly had an amazing array of wonderful memories of Disney dining. The one memory that sticks out the most for me is one that happened on my most recent trip to Walt Disney World.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my 13 year old daughter, Lexis is a competitive dancer. We are talking big-time here…like she is never home. :0)  We spend our weekends with fellow dance moms and friends doing dance “stuff.” When you are exposed to this industry you are almost certain to befriend some people that may someday move on and do things that you would consider, becoming famous.  Well…chances are if you are reading this, you would consider becoming a Disney character famous…right?  A fellow dancer and great friend auditioned and was asked to be Ariel at Walt Disney World November 2009….she is still there today. :0)

Adam, Ariel, Dan, Grandma Jo

This brings me to my magical memory…..

When we visited WDW in October of 2010, surly a huge thing on our list of to-do’s was to see our great friend (we will call her by her stage name) Ariel.  At the time of our visit Ariel was working at Cinderella’s Royal Table. While we had done breakfast at the castle so many times, we opted to see Ariel at dinner.  Now I have to say that yes, I get teary eyed when I see Wishes, and also when I see the “Let the Memories Begin” commercials…but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see when we saw our wonderful friend transform into a princess.   She was the most beautiful princess I had ever seen. My daughter was in awe as Ariel approached our table; both my boys 6 & 3 were stunned when they witnessed Ariel prancing over to our table. Not only was Ariel making our dining experience magical but she put in the good word for our family with some of the other princesses and needless to say…a little extra pixie dust was spread our way that night at dinner.  
Logan and Ariel
Lucas and Ariel

The kiddos with Ariel

 I know that we will never again have an experience quite like this which for me is what makes it the most magical experience I have ever had. I know that Disney makes dreams come true and that it is a place to “Let the Memories Begin” this is just one that is at the top of my list of magical dining memories.

Lexis and Ariel

See ya real soon!!


  1. That's so cool! So, does your daughter aspire to be a *famous* Disney princess too? Mine does ;)

  2. Jodi...I think Lexis is too short but maybe she will grow. :0) She is going into freshmen year and only Yes...she would love to either dance or be a character at WDW.

  3. Very neat! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a special memory! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Thank you Amanda and Christi!!

  6. What a great memory and special opportunity to spend some quality time with the princesses. I look forward to trying out Cinderella's Royal Table with my two princesses in the fall. I'll be sending advice requests fromyouon how you got your son to be such a good sport. My son refused to talk to the princesses last trip and already informed me that he is going to stay at the hotel with Grammie & Grampa while DH and I take the girls to dinner. :-)

  7. I haven't tried Cinderella's Royal Table yet, but maybe with three granddaughters, this experience will be soon enough.

  8. @Beth yes that was a once in a lifetime for us...truly magical. I think the only thing that could top it is if Lexis, my daughter were to become a character herself. About my son...he actually likes the princesses he thinks they are sooooo pretty. I am thinking that, that is wearing off though. totally need to try it!! The girls will love it!!

  9. That's such a great story! I have a friend who is Prince Charming in parades and we saw him last December during the Main St Electrical parade! Great memories! :)

  10. Thanks Beth!! It truly is magical to see people you know transformed into such magical people. :0)