Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A ‘Wacky’ WDW Resort Check-In Experience!

Wacky Wednesday's With New England Disney Diva, Julie!!!

Today I’m talking about a subject that isn’t mentioned all too often @ WDW (bad or unplanned check-in experiences) but nonetheless happens just the same. First, let me make it clear that I love WDW! I do place them on a ‘higher standard’ than other resorts, vacation destinations, etc, just because, let’s face it ‘it’s Disney’!  I think a lot of us would agree with this.

Having come from an extensive background in the hospitality industry, I know firsthand how mishaps can occur. I will admit to being a bit of a ‘hotel snob’ though, having worked in the industry for so long. I guess that just comes with the territory?

With that being said, I, myself have had one of those ‘wacky’ unexpected check-ins that I’d love to share with you! It took place, ironically, at my very favorite WDW Hotels, The Polynesian Resort!

My family (myself, husband & 2 little girls) were set off on a road trip from Pennsylvania to Florida (with my husband’s driving it was about a 13-hour drive-nonstop) & with ‘minimal’ breaks! Apparently he’s also in a rush to get to the magic.

We always make the drive down at night because the girls are asleep for the duration of the trip.  By the time they wake up, we are just about in Florida & everyone is happy!

As much as we enjoy driving there, we are always ready to ‘jump’ out of the car once we get on Disney property.  Excited to be at the resort, get situated in the room & hit the pool/beach area!!

Check-In Time!

We’re finally ‘home’ & I make my way to the check-in area, aaaahhh!! After a warm ‘Aloha’, having received our flowery lei’s, guest info in tow-we head to our room! We had requested a standard room (Garden view, top floor, same request every time we’re here.)

Well, the first room we went into was most definitely ‘occupied’ by a horrified family that seemed just as shocked as we were. I think I gave those two little girls that came to the door the shock of their lives!  All I heard was ‘Mommy, It’s a stranger!’ I was mortified! I bet they still talk about it to this day ‘remember that one time at Disney!’

I forgot which building we were in at the time, but it was quite a walking distance from the Great Ceremonial House. At this point, even thought was a tad upset, I totally understood that these things happen.

The Cm apologized & gave me a new room key. Again, the room was a hike from the main building. We were really anxious at this point, to just get into the room & cool off for a spell! This time around, we walked into an obviously ‘VD’ room-hotel terminology for ‘vacant & dirty’!  By this time, I had lost my ‘princess like’ cool. We had to trudge back (tired kids & disheveled lei’s by this time) to the front desk. Again the Cm apologized & I could tell she knew I was not a happy camper by now. I did let her know that this problem had to be resolved & that I was not happy! I was not feeling the ‘Disney spirit’ at this point, so unlike me!

Happy at last
She quickly fixed the problem, only to have ‘quietly’ upgraded us to a water-view room. We had the best room, overlooking the private stretch of beach, right past the marina area.  Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the great guest-service I received! So even though our vacation was off to a ‘rocky’ start, it was turned around in a positive way by Disney!

do think that the Cm had the last laugh though. My parents were coming down & staying at the same resort-about a day after us. When my husband went out to the balcony to enjoy a drink one evening, he was greeted by his ‘father-in-law’ on the balcony right next door to ours. The look on his face was priceless & I’m still living that one down! I honestly had no idea. More Disney ‘wackiness’ I guess!!

I’d love to hear if any of you had had any ‘Wacky check-In’ experiences or funny resort adventures of your own!!

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me… we’ll chat soon!!

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  1. Oh dear. We're spending a few days at a Disney resort (for the first time) in a few weeks. We're excited (we always stay off-property). I hope our first experience isn't like this one.

  2. The fact that it took you three tries to get into a suitable room is completely unacceptable at ANY hotel, especially Disney. I certainly hope that you put this information in front of management so that they will learn from it and, hopefully, rectify the situation with a refund or future discount.

  3. I can only imagine what you and your family felt like trudging back to the main desk, especially after the second time! I know with three little ones, for us, that would have been such a chore. Glad they resolved it and gave you the upgrade!

  4. @ Heidi I would say that this situation is not very typical of Disney. With over 20 stays under my belt, I have NEVER had something like this happen. I am sure it is a fluke. :0)

  5. You certainly don't expect that from Disney, but things happen sometimes... At least they fixed it with a nice upgrade! :-)

  6. During my very first stay with my own kids, after our first night...we woke up to a very LARGE pile of poo at our front door. We were way in the back as far as you can go...Country Music section of All Star Music. It was a very odd thing to have to call and report to the front desk.

    I didn't feel comfortable back there after that so I asked to be moved up towards the front of the resort. Luckily they were able to find us a room in Calypso section.

    It totally looked like human poo...or possibly a big dog. Ew. Ug.

  7. What a story! I would be furious.. Though, I would love to have a crazy upgrade!

  8. @Dizzneemomma Wow!!! I would not have been happy about that....I may have demanded a better Gross!!!

  9. In 2009, we were checking into the Beach Club for a week's stay on Club Level and they couldn't find our reservation, that had been paid in advance. No record of name, phone, nothing. After what seemed like forever with my husband getting increasingly agitated (it was our first stay @ Disney together and was looking forward to the royal treatment), it was discovered that the info had not been transferred from central reservations yet, but it was there. They upgraded us to a waterview junior suite. The CM even remembered us on our stay in 2010 because the glitch was so rare. When Disney messes up, they DO make it right.