Friday, April 29, 2011

A Disney Introduction by Disney Bird

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our newest addition to Disney Guru writers.Brittiany aka Disney Bird comes to us fresh from her own site Disney Bird, where she tells the tale of her magical journey in planning a Walt Disney World vacation for her family. Take it away Bird.....

Well, hello there! Bird here, and I want to start by saying what an honor it is to be here at Disney Guru! I'm excited to have been asked to join Kelly, as well as the rest of the awesome Guru Team.  I'm looking forward to sharing whatever Disney knowledge I can with the wonderful readers of Disney Guru.

Compared to the other ladies of Disney Guru, I'm quite the Disney newbie, but in planning for my upcoming trip I am learning a lot. I'd love to share this information with you, along with my own experience, ideas, and advice. Before those posts though, maybe I should tell you a little about myself...

Again, the name's Bird, which is short for Brittiany... sort of, lol. When we were little my cousin would try to say my name and it came out "Birdy" which was eventually shortened to "Bird" and it stuck. I'm married to a wonderful man, my Prince Charming, if you will, and we have two beautiful children. Bug, my tomboy-princess, will be turning 7 in a couple weeks, and Bubby, my fellow Disney connoisseur, turned 2 in January (these are nicknames, of course). They are my greatest treasures.

As I said, I am currently planning a trip, and I've finally made it to the 30 day mark! Woohoo!! This trip is going to be extra special as it will be my kiddos' first trip to Disney! At the moment, I am more excited about it than they there. How so, you ask? Well, that could have something to do with the fact that they don't even know we're going yet. Haha! We'll finally be telling them next week on Bug's birthday. Bubby won't really get it until we're surrounded by all his favorite Disney buddies, but Bug is going to be blown away!

She'll be even more blown away when she finds out we're not the only ones going. This is going to be a Grand Gathering of sorts (a G.G. is a group of 8+ Disney travelers). There will be 10 of us going. My hubby's family likes to travel in a pack ;-) and I love it! The party will consist of his Grandma, Aunt & Uncle and their two daughters (18 & 25ish), his parents and three of us. Wait... what?! Unfortunately Boo (the hubs) will not be able to get off work to go. He's working on a project that will be due the first week in June, meaning the last full week in May (which is during our trip, 5/21-5/27) will be crunch time for him. This of course wasn't known when we first began planning the trip. So here his family has planned the best vacation ever and he doesn't even get to partake. Hmph! Though I am truly glad he has a job when we know of so many who don't, this is really throwing a wrench into my anniversary celebration- which would have been at Disney during our vacation!

Being the prince that he is though, he insisted I go ahead and take the kids. He figured that's the best anniversary gift he could have ever given me anyway... I think he was right! So, we're making the best of it and proceeding as planned. We all know I'll be documenting their every move and reactions, so aside from it being in real-time, he shouldn't miss much. While I'll have plenty of help from the family, this will make the trip a bit more interesting so wish me luck!

While I had trips to Walt Disney World at age 4 and 7/8?, I can honestly say I don't remember much- aside from being tricked onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad... and LOVING it! Disney has still always had a place in my heart. I love the way Disney keeps the magic alive in people of all ages... So, when I returned to Disney as an adult with my husband, the magic was definitely alive and well inside of me! That trip spawned a whole new love of Disney. It has been my mission to bring my children to the World and have them experience all the wondrous things Disney has to offer.

When Kelly asked me to join the team, I was pleasantly surprised and also quite flattered, but what could I offer?... What would be my niche? I couldn't come up with one focus. I love every bit of Disney... every aspect of the planning, from my crazy lists and shopping missions, to making the phone calls... And of course, like everyone else, I am always wanting to get the most out of Disney... all the experiences, from rides and attractions to the entertainment, the people, the cast members, the hidden gems... I just want to take it all in :-)

And there it was!! A little bit of Disney Potpourri! I think when planning a Disney trip, the beginning to the end is an experience! And is there ever really an end?

So there you go... I'll be taking the things from planning, to park adventures, to keeping the magic going at home, and sprinkling them here at Disney Guru for you to enjoy.

Disney Potpourri with the Disney Bird is coming soon!

Thanks again to Kelly for inviting me over!

See ya real soon!
Bird of DisneyBird

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  1. Welcome! Excited to see you guest post here and can't wait to see what you write about!