Monday, April 18, 2011

Get your FREE Button!!

Money Saver Monday!!

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Disney is all about the little things and for me that is what makes Disney World so magical. A few years back we took our then, 8 month old son to Walt Disney World for his first time. In my planning and research for our trip, I found out that Disney World offers FREE buttons to its guest for certain celebrations. All you need to do is ask!! If you are celebrating a sepcial event at Walt Disney World you are entitled to a FREE button. Make a stop by City Hall at the Magic Kingdom, or Guest Services at Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Ask the Cast Member for your FREE button to wear during your visit. For the birthday button they will write your name on it. 

Be sure to wear it while you celebrate as these buttons are known to generate special attention from Cast Members. :0)

 I would love to hear about your special memories that have been created when you wore  your FREE button!! Share your experiences by commenting below or on our Facebook page

See ya real soon!!


  1. Hey Kelly,
    Last June we were at Disney World for my daughter's 9th birthday. Of course we had our Happy Birthday Button for her, and the person wrote her name on it when we checked in. As the week wore on, though, the name started streaking away from rain, sweat, and so forth, so it was looking pretty ragged.

    We were over at Hollywood Studios and went into one of the gift shops, and a Disney Artist was there working. When he saw Sophie's button, he said Happy Birthday, and then he said, let's take care of that button. He cleaned her button off of the ink, and proceeded to spend about 15 minutes making her a really cool button with her name on it! He wrote her name in the Disney Font; he added glitter ink gel to it, and turned it into a dazzling button. It was awesome!

  2. Hey Kelly! I am certainly looking forward to get our buttons for our upcoming trip. We'll need some 1st Visit button and an Anniversary one. You wouldn't happen to know if you could get them early would you? Or if your hotel could get them? I'd love to have them to put in their welcome baskets...

  3. @Mickey what a fantastic story!! Just goes to show how magical Disney World is!!

    @Bird I believe the only place you can get those pins are at the locations listed above. Maybe if you call your resort they can do something for you. You can always try asking the person that is making the baskets for you as well. I cannot wait to see some pictures with all of you wearing your pins!!! :0)

    Thanks for stopping by!