Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When You See Things You Should Not See at Walt Disney World

Attraction Tuesday!!

To me Disney World is the most perfect place on Earth. I love everything about it, and for now in this moment, I do not foresee a time that I will ever NOT want to go to Walt Disney World for a yearly vacation.  As a family we are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the magic on our vacation aka keep the magic alive. 

Now that I have been to Walt Disney World over 20 times I love to look at all of the little details in the parks. I find myself looking at the back of the buildings, doors that the Cast Members are going in and out and anything that will give me a clue as to how Disney World is run.  Up until my most recent trip to Walt Disney World in October of 2010, I had not found anything all that exciting.

Here is the story of what I discovered. Beware this may not be as exciting to you as it is to me. :0)

We started off the third day of our wondrous Walt Disney World vacation at Magic Kingdom. There were extra early magic hours, which means that we were racing our way through the park to be the first on everything!!! Once the park officially opened we were a bit tired and decided to take a relaxing ride on Tomorrowland Transit Authority aka People Mover aka TTA. :0) As you know this is an elevated tour of Tomorrowland that takes you through the area’s four buildings. As you relax you hear details of the attractions that you pass.

One of the places that you pass through is Space Mountain. Usually when you pass through this area you can hear the music and some screams in the distance.  You are not able to get a good glimpse of the attraction because it is a dark roller coaster.  This is where things changed for me.

As we began to approach the area of Space Mountain I began to notice that things were looking a little different, for one I could see!! Normally it is almost completely dark. When I looked to my right I saw something that will stick with me forever….the tracks!! Yes, I know, this may not be very exciting to you but for me it was magical! In fact, my whole family was in awe as we were slowly escorted through this area of TTA.  

I know that for many, this would ruin the magic. For me, seeing the tracks enhanced the magic! Disney does a fantastic job of never showing you things they don’t think you should see, this helps transport you into all of the fantasy worlds that we love so much about Disney….not seeing is the magic in my eyes. But I have to tell you, in this particular situation, I saw beauty. No the tracks themselves were not anywhere close to beautiful in fact, everything about Space Mountain in the light was such a dull color of grey that it was almost depressing. What I found beautiful, is the fact that when I ride Space Mountain and when others ride it….they have no idea about the other side of Space Mountain. All we know is that we have been transformed into space. For that few moments in our lives we giggle, laugh, scream and enjoy with the people we love the most. This is what makes it all so beautiful.


I would love to know if you have ever seen something you were not supposed to see? Did it ruin the magic for you?

See ya real soon!!


  1. I haven't seen any forbidden eye candy yet, but I'll certainly be on the lookout ;-)

  2. Disney's YES (Youth Educational Series) regularly takes groups behind the scenes to see how things work. As an adult chaperone, I have seen Space Mountain with the lights on also. However, the place that stands out in my mind is standing under the track in The Haunted Mansion looking at the ballroom scene and learning the "secret" of how they ghosts appear in that scene.

  3. @Bird...I LOVE the term forbidden eye candy....lol.

    @ Debbie that is soooooooooooo cool! I would love to see that. Now did it ruin the magic for you?

  4. I would LOVE to see what is going on. I dont feel that it would ruin the magic for me but help me feel more "part" of it. Bring on the Forbidden eye candy I say!

  5. I have not personally seen anything. But my husband works with former cast members and they are always telling us cool stuff about the parks! All of the underground tunnels and food and all kinds of cool secrets!

  6. I had a similar experience a few years ago! Seeing in Space Mountain with lights on was pretty awesome.. definitely didn't ruin it for me, either!