Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Becoming a ‘Disney Diva’…

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Becoming a ‘Disney Diva’…

What makes WDW so magical for me?  The magic begins way before that exhilarating moment of passing through the WDW gates and knowing that I’m finally ‘home’!  The fun for my family and I starts way before the actual trip gets here!

As crazy as it may sound to some (but not so much to my ‘fellow Disney-manics’ out there…) I will actually start ‘mentally planning’ my next trip while I’m STILL at WDW! This usually happens on our last couple of days of vacation. I know the magic is coming to an end, so this is my ‘coping mechanism’. I immediately begin to make mental notes of what I want to do on the next trip. Things such as, ‘which Disney resort to stay at, Adr’s to make, new things to try, etc’...

Once I return home I am forced to deal with ‘reality’-I’m usually booking my next vacation within a couple weeks! I never used to be this way, until the last couple years or so? I MUST have a WDW trip booked at all times. It doesn’t really matter how far off it is, be it 6 or 12 months. Life is happier with a trip to look forward to plan for. Don’t you all agree? This just helps me get through ‘bad days’ or the ‘daily grind’ when the normal, everyday chores get to be a bit too much! We all have those days…

I love the pre-planning that takes place months before from my scheduled WDW trip. I look forward to running out and buying my shiny, new copy of the ‘Birnbaum Guides, Walt Disney World’ guidebook each year. For me, it’s my ‘Disney bible’; I always have it close by. We always had this book in the house growing up so it’s just another one of those Disney traditions that I’ve kept up with.
                                            Holiday Road

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Having grown up in a Disney household, we were always surrounded my Disney magic!  Whether it was by toys, movies or planning our annual spring vacations to the world, Disney played an intricate part of who I am today. I’ve now passed this torch down to my own family!

We always drove from our home in Northwest Indiana to Florida, so ‘getting there’ was half the fun (picture the Griswold’s family from the ‘Vacation’ movies & that was us!!) It was a 2-day drive so once we finally hit Florida, it was totally magical!

Stopping for fresh O.J. at the Florida Welcome Center and smelling the orange blossoms while driving past the orange groves are some of my favorite memories. This just meant we were getting ‘closer to home’!

My own family now follows these same traditions each year. This year will be our 6th consecutive trip to WDW and we love it!

We recently moved to Northern New England, so driving may be out of the question. I have a feeling we’ll be making many new memories flying down and enjoying the Magical Express ride to our resort!

Can’t wait for that moment to hear ‘Aloha, Welcome Back’ at the Polynesian. Our next family adventure is taking place in Sept. 2011, can’t wait!!

I’d love to hear who else has any other special family memories that have been passed down. Do you still follow these same traditions now with your own Disney family? Please feel free email me and share your comments/thoughts!!

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me...we’ll chat soon!!

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  1. I didnt grow up going to Disney - in fact, my first visit wasnt until 2000 with my brother. We attended the Disney Institute for landscape design and I fell in love!
    I have been back at least once a year for the last 4 years (sometimes twice)..nothing like a Florida trip in beginning of January to escape New England.....I am very much looking forward to creating many memories with my grandchildren

  2. Laurie I think it is really neat how you fell in love with WDW!! I bet that was a huge surprise for you. :0) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Congrats Julie for becoming a blogger. Love the story!

  4. Eric...thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Awesome, just awesome!!!