Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Collection of Dreams and Inspiration

Living the Fairytale Life with Belinda....

 I decided for my article this week, I would take some time to share with all of you my dreams and inspiration of Disney and why it is such an important aspect in my life, while introducing you all to something very special... my “happy place”.

As a child, I had always envisioned a place where I am at my most happiest, where my dreams feel as if they are real, where magic takes place around every corner…. And then I found it, Disney World; this passion and this love that I have for Disney started at a very young age. As I grew up, the passion turned into my life. It has become a part of mine and my husband’s daily routine, to incorporate Disney into every aspect of our day.  From my early visits as a child to now my yearly visits as an adult, I always knew one thing that really bothered Shawn and I and we needed a way to try and fix it…. Every time we went on vacation to Disney World, we always dreaded leaving. It would literally bring us to tears. That’s when we decided to create our own “happy place”.  We needed somewhere that would always make us feel “at home”.

We started by taking and extra room in our home and creating it into something amazing. We began keeping all of our memorabilia from past trips to Disney items that we have bought online and at Disney stores world wide decorated in this room. It has now grown into a massive phenomenon. I love my room! Because I have my computer in here, I get to the feeling of being in Disney everyday. It is floor to ceiling Disney and nothing more, with the help of my husband painting and hanging things, it has truly turned into a magical place for me. Disney is such an inspiration, and my “happy place” helps me to leave my problems at the door and to take in all the magic that lives inside my room. Life has so many trials and tribulations. At the end of the day, when life has gotten the best of me, I step into my room and onto Main Street, envisioning the sights and sounds of a magical place, where nothing else matters but me and all of my hundreds of stuffed mickeys. I now have everything from Disney snow globes, to hundreds of figurines, statues, crowns and princesses, pins, Nemo and friends and mickeys galore. It truly makes me happy, it is my daily inspiration, my heart and soul and my dreams all captured into one special place.     

 I can remember one very trying time in my life, about 5 years ago. An unexplained incident where I began having severe pain across my shoulder blades. As the pain got severely worse, I took myself to the ER while my husband was at work. During this time my parents we’re in Disney with my nieces. I was admitted right away. After an echocardiogram  and an MRI, I was that next day rushed into Emergency  surgery. The doctor came in and told me that I had 3 disk severing my spinal cord. All I could remember him saying was that if this wasn’t done quickly, I would end up a quadriplegic.  At this point, the feeling in my legs was scares and I couldn’t even write my name. All I could think about was the fun that my parents must be having and how I wish I was with them. I am fully recovered now, with a titanium plate in my neck. The one thing that got me through was the magic that was in my heart, the mickey blankets I would cover up with, and the snow globe of Four parks one world that my parents brought home for my birthday. Disney gets me through everything. It has taught me hope. It has taught me to live my dreams in a way that I never thought I could. For me, Disney makes everything better.

My most recent addition is my Tinkerbell tree. It has white twinkling lights that I turn on in the evening, after all, this is when the Magic Kingdom comes to life; and it is filled with all kinds of Tinkerbell fairies, balls and globes. My ceiling is covered with blue and white clouds and a parachuting mickey. I have now added many vinylmation’s and more shelving. Just as Disney does, my vision of my “happy place” keeps growing and growing. Disney is a place of wonder and enchantment, it is the heart and soul of all of us who believe in magic. It is my fairytale that has come to life and it has given my husband and I memories that years ago we could have only dreamed of. 

My hope is that people everywhere get to experience the magic of Disney at least once. It has truly changed my life in more ways than I could have ever thought possible. Disney is my heart, my soul and an inspiration that continues to grow, and with my “happy place” that I have created, I always feels at home!

May the magic of Disney live in your hearts and bring your fairy tales to life just as it has for my husband and I.

Keep Believing


  1. You're lucky that your husband shares your passion of Disney. While mine does like Disney, he doesn't quite have the same oomph as I do about it :-) I do have some decor, but I don't believe he'd ever let me have a whole room for my lovies :-)

  2. Your room looks wonderful! I would love to collect my treasures into one place. For now, I have little bits of heaven all around the house. I feel the same way as you - my "happy place" is in Orlando, Florida.

  3. Bird I agree about the hubby thing. Mine loves WDW but not like I do. We are lucky though that they like it at all I guess. :0)

    Debbie and Bird thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Bird ~ Thank you. I feel very blessed to have someone that has that same passion that I have. He is such a big kid when it comes to Disney... but so am I :) You never know, maybe someday he will :) Until then, cherish all of your lovies and keep buying more, lol!

    Debbie~ Im glad you like it :) It truly makes me happy. I love what you said, "little bits of heaven". That is so very true :) We have some things through out the house as well. Gotta spread the magic everywhere :) Yes! I agree, Orlando def my happy place :)

    Kelly ~ Yes Kelly, you are :) At least they do like it and you are able to experience that magic and share it the way you do :) Mickey lives in all of us and Walt is probably blown away by all of the family that he "adopted". :)

    Debbie and Bird ~ Thank you so much for visiting! We hope you will follow us all and share in our love for all things Disney!

  5. I still asbolutely love looking at your pictures on facebook (and now here) of your happy place. I admire your love for always makes me smile when I hear you talk about it...which in turn brings me back to my happy memories of Disney as well. So looking forward to the next trip and many to come after that :)

  6. Awwwwww you had me crying Belinda, I am so glad that you are fully recovered from your ordeal ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) I too am lucky to have a husband who loves Disney just as much as me if not actually more, we have something Disney in every single room and that is what gets us by as well. We discovered Disney later in life 1997 was our first trip to Disneyland Paris and we got the bug then, I always loved Disney films as growing up though.

    I love all your pictures and your Disney room is fabulous I am looking forward to the next post already xxxx

  7. Dionne and Erin I too just love Belinda's writing!! She does an awesome job! Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Great article Belinda. I too have a collection not as extensive as your and not just in one room, as a previous poster stated my husband just came around to my Disney obsesion but doesn't have the same passion as I do. Each room of my home I have something from Disney and I always have sort of Disney on me at all times, be it my watch, Disney t-shirt etc.

  9. Erin ~ I'm so glad that I am able to help you relive your Disney memories and help you look forward to the next! I'm so happy to make you smile :)

    Dionne ~ Awwww... I didn't mean to make you cry. Thats so very sweet, and I a truly touched Dionne. *tear* Thank you, that was a very difficult time in my life and I feel very blessed to be here and be better. Disneyland Paris.... Ahhh. I hope to someday get there! You lucky girl :)

    Kelly ~ Your so sweet! Thank you so very much :)

    Anna ~ Thank you! Me too :0) most of my wardrobe is something Disney! I have a lot of Tink and Mickey/Minnie. I'm starting to work on my jewerly collection, lol! It never ends with Disney collecting. I am always buying something :) Us Disney girls Rock!