Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Disney Fever

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Its spring time, the weather is nice, the sun is shining and you still have several months before your trip “home” to Disney World. If you are like me, you’re finding yourself going crazy with what I call, “Spring Disney Fever”!  As my husband and I go for walks in the neighborhood taking in the sites of houses and trees, my thoughts quickly go to views of Main Street, the castle and the smell of fresh baked goodies. Spring is such a lovely time to visit Disney, with all of the flowers a bloom at the flower and garden festival, the sunshine and the Easter holiday, one can’t help but get into the blues when their trip is still a few months to a few years away. Luckily we are heading home in 4 ½ months, but the withdrawal that one can feel while time is spent waiting can be a bit of an unhappy one.  Over the past few months, I have found ways to bring a little bit of Disney into our home to help make the time of waiting seem less painful.

Bring Goofy’s Candy Co. to your kitchen!

Goofy’s Candy Co. is one of our must do things every time we visit Disney. We had been missing our rich chocolate goodies and needed a fix badly. So, Shawn and I decided to bring Goofy home. This was so much fun to do! It is really easy, inexpensive and will help get you through those waiting blues.

Items Needed:   Box of rice krispies cereal, Bag of marshmallows, big barks of cooking chocolate, any candy coating you prefer, Popsicle sticks, large mickey cookie cutter.

Make the rice krispy treats according to box. Let cool and lay flat on counter. Make sure you cook chocolate exactly according to package. This was the tricky part, cooking with chocolate is very delicate, if you don’t get it at the exact temperature, it won’t work. It took a few tries, but we got it! Press the mickey head cutter into the rice krispy’s to make the heads. Insert sticks into the bottom. Dip the tips of the ears into the chocolate then into your favorite topping. QUICKLY, put on waxed paper topped plate and into very cold freezer for about 15 minutes or so. Keep checking on it. You’re all done! And now you can enjoy a little bit of Disney at home to help get you by :0)

Countdown to Mickey
There are so many things that we try to do to incorporate Disney in our day to help make time go by fast.  The thought of waiting seems endless but with each day that passes, we are a bit closer to the magic and closer to “home”.  Every year we make a countdown and put it on the fridge. We don’t count each number of days like some; instead we count only the Saturdays until our trip arrives. This means a lot less Mickey heads on the fridge and it makes time go by a lot faster, which I love. I would rather say, only 19 more Saturdays than 133 days! We use the same mickey cookie cutter, find different colors and designs of scrapbook paper (this works well if you’re going during a holiday, they have all sorts of designs) cut them out, have them laminated, and slap a magnet on the back. We only have to take them down once a week, so in that time the countdown number of day’s drops drastically. I love it!!

Plan a Disney Game Night
Shawn and I started this Disney tradition several years ago and it has steadily become one of our favorites. Disney game night! Every Friday night Shawn and I spend the evening in our living room battling it out playing nothing but Disney games! I must say, he knows his Disney stuff! It is a lot of fun and helps to keep the magic of Disney going as we wait for our trip to arrive. It also helps build the excitement when you’re in those Disney withdrawal blues. We usually pick one or different Disney games to play and incorporate our snacks to go with it. We make several appetizers baring the Disney title from our Disney cookbook and usually make some sort of Disney desert as well. This makes for a Disney night of magic and fun that everyone will enjoy and look forward to every week. The fun part is deciding what Disney snacks to make beforehand!

Some of our favorite Disney games! Magical Moments Scene it is Awesome!

This cookbook mainly has appetizers in it and is great for game nights!

  Dream, Wish and Do!
Disney impacts our life in such an overwhelming way. It gives us a sense of happiness, hope, fulfillment and joy. When waiting out the days of your Disney trip during such a beautiful time as spring, one can’t help but get the Spring Disney Fever blues.  But there is help! Do everything you can to incorporate Disney into your day and make it a part of your plans. Cook a meal from a Disney cookbook, plan a game night, make some Disney crafts, have a Disney movie night. Use your imagination, there are so many things that you can do to help eliminate the springtime blues. Don’t think about doing it, just do it. You will feel so much better at the end of the day and as you keep busy doing all the things that make you happy like Disney, the days till your trip will be flying by and be here in no time. Just keep the magic of Disney alive in your days and in your heart and coping with your Spring Disney Fever will seem much easier!

What do you do to help eliminate the Spring Disney Fever blues?

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  1. What a great post! I want that cookbook!

  2. OMG! I heart your husband, lol! I sooo wish that Boo was as into it as I am. I love that he gets into everything right there with you. I love, love, love the magnet countdown- great idea! I'm planning on doing a countdown with Bug after we tell her about the trip, but since we're so close I think we'll end up sticking with the days on this one. The game night with the delicious snacks sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heidi ~

    Thank you so much! I got that cookbook from my Mom a few years back. I love it. It has so many several cute ideas in it. Try looking on Amazon on Ebay. I know both carry it and Ebay has had it before for under $10.00! I hope your having a magical day! Thank you for stopping by :0)

  4. Bird ~

    LOL!!! Thank you! I can honestly say, I feel so blessed to have Shawn be as crazy and addicted as I am! It is so cute! I like using the scrapbook paper for the countdowns, one year when we went during Halloween, we had all kinds of holiday paper to use. Bug would love the cookbook prob as much as my husband, lol. It has a lot of princess inspired desserts and such in it! I love looking forward to Disney game night, although Shawn has gotten very good on his Disney knowledge, shame on him ;) I'm glad you enjoyed my post Bird, your super sweet. Thank you for reading!

  5. Wow your hubby rocks Belinda, I love this post I think I may be trying some of these out pretty soon hee hee

  6. Dionne ~ Aww! Thanks! I will have to tell hinm :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yay! You'll have to let me know how it goes, all of these ideas are a lot of fun! I know you will enjoy them.

  7. I love it! I wish I had a mickey cookie cutter! thanks for all the great ideas!

  8. Now I'm upset that I didn't buy that cookie cutter in Feb when we were there. Darn it all. Well it is on the list for next or maybe I should head over to the Disney store on line and check them out. What a wonderful idea :)

  9. DisneyBabies ~ You are so very welcome! I love sharing all of my ideas. They are so much fun!! You have to get that mickey cookie cutter!Its great for brownies too :)

    Anna ~ Yay!! I'm glad you liked my idea. It was a lot of fun. I know you will love it just as much!